Lingji Kong


In 1999 I became a PhD student at Central Michigan U and got the degree five years later, then I taught math and statistics in UTEP, Union College, Missouri State U and UNNC. Students from different institutions have different needs and different features, it is interesting to know them and to figure out what we should do.


Math and statistics could be beautiful and funny, and I have been trying to interpret the concepts, methods and theory from different perspectives.




• Math 2400 Calculus for Business and Economics
• Math 2416, Calculus II
• Math 3415, Calculus III


Aug. 1999 – Aug. 2004         Ph. D in Math  ,  Central Michigan University, USA

Sept. 1987 – May 1990          Master of Sciences, Math  ,   Xi’an Jiaotong University, China


Aug. 2017 – July 2018           IBDP Math teacher 

Shiyan Public School, Shenzhen China

Sept. 2010 – Aug. 2017          Teaching Fellow

University of Nottingham at Ningbo, China

Aug. 2007 – June 2010           Assistant Prof of Stat

Missouri State Univ at Dalian, China

Aug. 2005 – May 2007           Assistant Prof of Math

Union College, KY USA

Sept. 2004 – May 2005          Visiting Assistant Prof of Stat

Univ of Texas El Paso, USA

Aug. 1999 – Aug. 2004           PhD student, Teaching Assistant

Central Michigan Univ. USA

RESEARCH INTERESTS:  Distribution Theory, Sample Technique


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