Accounting is the study of how an organization records financial transactions and analyzes and communicates the results of such transactions. It studies the standard accounting financial statements and seeks to analyze the entity’s operating results and discusses ways in which various users can utilize accounting information. The program looks to both the business and not-for-profit sectors of the community. If you are interested in the financial aspects of business, you may wish to consider financial accounting as your major.

Career Prospects

Our four-year BS in Accounting program will prepare you for entry-level positions in accounting. Graduates can work in the areas of professional accountancy, investment banking, investment analysis, management consultancy and financial management, as well as further academic study. Our five-year combined BS/MS program will also qualify you to sit for the Uniform CPA examination. Career opportunities for trained accountants, especially those who have been licensed as Certified Public Accountants (CPA), have never been more rewarding.

Core Courses

Advanced Accounting

International Accounting

Federal Income Taxes

Computer Augmented Accounting

Government and Fund Accounting

Auditing Financial Statements

International Business Law

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