Finance is a field that considers how businesses raise, spend and invest capital; how firms and individuals allocate their resources among investment alternatives; and how financial markets function. The Finance major is introduced to the basic structure, processes, institutional framework and theories of finance. Courses in finance prepare the student for corporate and public sector employment as well as graduate work in economics, finance, management, and law. The program has an Advantage Program designation in China.


Career Prospects


The chances that can come with the Bachelor of Finance degree span many fields, such as corporate and international financial management, personal financial planning, and investment services. Brokerage firms, commercial banks, investment and insurance companies, and other financial intermediary companies all employ finance graduates. Common jobs for those with a degree in finance include: Financial Analysts, Financial Managers, Personal Financial Advisors, Securities, Commodities, and Financial Services Agents.


Knowledge and Skills Students will Grasp during the Study


Students will: 1) Study the basic principles of investments suitable for individuals and for business organizations. 2) Get the understandings of entrepreneurial finance which consists of funding companies from start-up to early stage and growth phases, 3) learn the management, finance and investment problems peculiar to foreign operations. Interrelationships between theory and practice will be emphasized.


Core Courses

Corporate Finance

International Business Finance


Investments and Portfolio Management

Financial Institutions & Markets

FIN Electives


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