The international Business in Wenzhou-Kean University is committed to providing students with the insights, strategies and competencies needed to succeed in today’s global marketplace. Students enrolled in Wenzhou-Kean’s International Business programs explore contemporary issues related to business trends in corporate management, entrepreneurship, consumer markets, media, technology and globalization. In addition, students sharpen their intercultural skills by learning a foreign language and participating in travel/learn experiential courses.

Career Prospects

You will gain detailed knowledge of the various functional areas of a business, a broad appreciation of the environment in which businesses operate, the theory and practice of management, and the range of skills necessary for high employability in the administrative and managerial job market. Typical jobs in this area include multinational-corporate managers, export managers, and global product and advertising managers.

Core Courses

International Management

Sustainable Global Business & Technology

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Managing Global Operations

Global Business Research & Analysis

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