Disability Support

The University is strongly committed to equality of opportunity in its provision for all students. The University is committed to providing ongoing support with the focus being on providing accessible services and supporting students in completing their courses as independently as possible. As part of this commitment, the University believes that assessment methods should, as well as being appropriate to the academic objectives of the course, minimise any impact of a student’s condition on performance in assessment. This means that some students may require alternative arrangements for examinations or other assessments. These guidelines set out the arrangements for organising the effective assessment of disabled students or those with long-term medical conditions. Students in need may book an appointment in advance via email (sassc@wku.edu.cn) or drop in our office D206, GEH.


  • D206, GEH
  • 0577-55870112


  • B301, GEH
  • 0577-55870068


  • D206, GEH
  • 0577-55870135