WKU Graffiti Competition Uncovered


A whale almost breaks in through the wall with huge waves. The classic Super Mario arouses nostalgia; the campus enclosing wall has become a free drawing board for WKU students. The two-month WKU Graffiti Competition made this possible. The WKU Campus Planning and Construction department and the Academic Affairs Design Center co-sponsored the Wenzhou-Kean University Graffiti Competition. More than 500 meters of wall has become the graffiti wall for the students. The contest required group participation. From composition to drawing, the graffiti wall was the full expression of student unrestrained imagination, exhibiting excellent drawing skills, as well as their originality and creativity.

At the same time, student assistants of design center and other volunteers successfully completed the “53-alphabet” wall creation. WKU Vice Chancellor Mr. Tony Zheng (Zheng Xiaodong), the design faculty members Cedric Van Eenoo, MJ Levy Dickson, Jeff Poon, English faculty Jeremiah Scalia and English Language Center(ELC) staff also participated in this activity with great enthusiasm.

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Finally, the judges selected the winners, according to appropriateness, articulation, originality, imagination, rationality, characteristics, gestalt, visual appeal, color harmony, and composition. The results are: One first prize winner, the team composed of Yue WANG, Qianxun LI , Lvming CHEN; two second prize winners, team composed of Xiang LI, Qin LI, Shasha LI, and another team Xinyi LI, Junyi LOU, Shengyang ZHONG, Ziyue ZHONG ; three third prize winners, Zhaoyu YOU, the Financial Club, and the Astronomy Club.