The Team of Page, New Winner of Shark Tank

Who will win the opportunity to join the team of WKU Bookstore? On 21st Nov, 2015, the team of Page stood out in the Shark Tank competition and won the award of 3,500 RMB and the opportunity of joining the team of WKU Bookstore.

The WKU Shark Tank was inspired by an American reality television series aired on ABC which has aspiring entrepreneur-contestants make business presentations to a panel of “Shark” investors. The entrepreneur-contestants are provided opportunities to win investment from the “Sharks”. And our WKU Shark Tank follows the same pattern and aims to establish a platform for students to show their talents and polish their business skills.

This time we have 6 teams formed by students from different majors and grades entered the final round of competition. And we have two groups of judges for the Shark Tank: a group of business professors, staff and entrepreneurs and a group of students.

The WKU Shark Tank aims to enhance students’ skills to make business plans. The theme of this year is bookstore. During the contest, students focused on the topics of recycling second-handed books, book borrowing, academic aid, souvenirs and foods and utilized business skills of market survey and analysis, marketing planning, budgeting, organizational framework construction and human resources skills in their business plans. In the Q&A session, contestants made great answers and won rounds of applause from audience.

For Keaners, Shark Tank is a platform to show their talents and have experiences of starting their own businesses.