Wenzhou-Kean University Graphic Design stage exhibition works

Wenzhou-Kean University (WKU) is holding an exhibition with many remarkable works on the 1st floor of C wing of the General education hall.

During the summer semester of 2015, we invited Professor LIU Jun from Wenzhou University School of Design to provide professional guidance courses at WKU. In his tutoring session, the students learnt “plane formation,” “color composition,”3D constitute,”which inspired them, fed their imagination, and helped them manipulate fundamental design forms.

Part of the exhibited works were selected to join the Eighth National Aesthetic Education Competition, which was organized by the Chinese Society of Aesthetic Education Professional Committee, the Chinese Traditional Culture Education and Research, and the Chinese Aesthetic Network. When the competition results were announced, staff and students at WKU did very well.

Professor Liu was awarded the “Aesthetic Personal Teaching Achievement Award” and the “Excellent Professor Award.” Yaoyao Huang was awarded the “Aesthetic Personal Teaching Achievement Award” and the “Excellent Organization Instructor Award”.

In the student group, Hao Hao Guan, Yili Luo, Yiru Chen’s work won the first prize; Zheng Wang’s “Bio Lab” poster, Wenwei Chen, Yan Shao, Wanyi Cui, Yu Kan, Yuzhou Ye’s works won the second prize; Jiayan Zhang, Minkai Zhu, Yanfan Zhou, Hangyi Zhou, Yunlin Hu, Leize Chen, Yiwei Wang, Kaiwei Zhu’s work won the third prize.

“Our university is new, but full of possibilities; I am young, I am also full of possibilities!” Zheng Wang, student in graphic design major, confidently told to Professor Duff Stacey, when visiting the exhibition.

This is the first exhibition of the graphic design students. The new semester is coming; more great artworks will come.

Students in graphic design major are preparing for the exhibition.

Professor Liu and student work together.

Wenwei Chen, student in graphic design, is showing his work.