Student Scholarship

Wenzhou-Kean University
Students’ Scholarship Implementation Guideline of 2015 (on trial)
1. Purpose
The Wenzhou-Kean University Scholarship is particularly established to motivate students.2. Scholarship Introduction
The project has set up “Academic Scholarship” and “Extra-curricular Scholarship”.
2.1 “Academic Scholarship”
2.1.1 First-class scholarship: with a reward of 10,000 RMB.
2.1.2 Second-class scholarship: with a reward of 5,000RMB.
2.1.3 Third-class scholarship: with a reward of 2,000RMB.
2.2.“Extracurricular Scholarship” is strongly recommended, which aims to encourage students to make progress in different areas such as academic achievement, social activities, sports and art, with a reward of 3000RMB.

3.Award Condition
Scholarship applicants must meet the following basic conditions:
3.1.Comply with the constitution, laws and university regulations without any violation.
3.2.To be honest, faithful and has an excellent moral character.
3.3.Complete Physical Education and Chinese Culture.

Types of scholarship are as following:

Scholarship types Requirements Others
Academic Scholarships(Major GPA Rank) 1st-class involving 2% of the Major in Academic year ● Pass all modules courses
● Average score should ≥ 3.5
2nd-class involving 5% of the Major in Academic year
3rd-class involving 15% of the Major in Academic year
Extra-curricular Scholarship Academic Activities Involving 2%, obtain any reward through any national, provincial and municipal competitions or publish at least one Press, Papers or Journals. ● Pass all modules of the course
● Average score should ≥ 3.2
Social Activities Involving 2% have a good performance or special contribution in a particular area (e.g. Students’ Social Community activities, Social Service activities and all kinds of competitions), performance creative ability and critical thinking.
Sports & Arts Involving 2%, Outstanding achievements have been made in all kinds of sports, arts and other non-academic activities, such as the national, provincial, city or other types of related competitions.

4.Selection process
4.1.Selection Time
The assessment of each scholarship will be held once each academic year, which begins in the fifth week after the commencement day of the next academic year. Application deadline is subject to instant messages.
4.2.Academic Scholarship Selection Procedures
4.2.1.The primary list of scholars will be decided depending on scholarship requirements for each type and the quota (involving 15%) of winners, provided by the office of Registrar.
4.2.2.Students have to apply for these scholarships in person, which will then be assessed by the Office of Student Affairs.
4.2.3.Extracurricular Scholarships Selection Procedures
(1)Student who reaches all requirements of “Extracurricular Scholarship” can make an application and shall provide relevant materials.
(2)The Student Affairs is responsible for the preliminary evaluation of the applicants’ qualifications.
(3)The Office of Student Affairs is responsible for the second evaluation as well, and establishing the selection panel. The selection panel is comprised of representatives from 3-5 professors, 1 from Academic Office, 2 from Student Affairs and 3 students who are chosen randomly.
4.2.4.The Office of Student Affairs will summarize the name list of scholars, which then will be reported to the university and published.
4.2.5.The process of selection is based on four open principles, referring to the open selection requirements, the open selection approaches, the open list of scholars and the open selection results.

5.Rewarding approaches
5.1.Scholars will be honored by the university with rewards and certificates. In addition, the award will be recorded in student’s personal file and the university will also inform this to the parents of the scholars
5.2.If any student who have won the scholarship but found practising fraud later , the reward will be revoked, and the scholarship shall be returned . He/she will be given relevant disciplinary actions according to the circumstances. .
5.3.“Academic Scholarships” and “Extracurricular Scholarship” can be simultaneously awarded to the same student.
5.4.The Scholarship Implementation Guideline starts in 2015.
5.5.The office of Student Affairs is responsible for interpreting the Scholarship Implementation Guideline.