An Intellectual SPA of Humanity and Technology Organized by College Students

——Wenzhou-Innovation Network in Wenzhou-Kean University Brought another Round of Brainstorming

The auditorium of Wenzhou-Kean University was packed on the day when the 5th WIN speech conference was held at Wenzhou-Kean University. The event, founded and organized by 6 college students, delivered an Intellectual SPA of Humanity and Technology to the 280 audience who attended the event. Life can never grow by being at a standstill; the true meaning of life is always about striking, tempering, polishing, refining and absorbing. It is best defined by “Skill” which is the topic of this stage of WIN. In this stage of WIN, we had 6 speakers from different walks of life to share their ideas about their—skills.

Story of Mr. Li Ying, Head Chief of US Embassy to China

How to live a wonderful life? Some say you need to bravely walk out of your comfort zone; some say you should take your responsibility without any hesitation. Mr. Li Ying, Head Chief of US Embassy to China, was the Western Cuisine Head Chief of Beijing Four Seasons Hotel. At the beginning of his presentation, he shared some of former US Ambassador Gary Locke’s favorite dishes and he also explained how to cook delicious food. First of all, you need to know all the characters and flavor of every ingredient very well. And then you innovate with your touch as a chief. However, a true beloved dish should always be fine-tuned based on feedbacks from customer.

This is a presentation about flavor, “Take fried salmon with orange risotto for example. Serve it with asparagus, dried tomato and red wine sauce or parsley sauce. The orange flavor in the risotto can neutralize the fishy and greasy flavor of salmon and can also bring fruity refreshment to your flavor buds.”

It was an enviable job, but Chief Li resigned. Then he opened the first Children’s Western Restaurant in China. His goal is to teach the next generation to eat healthy and quality food.

Life is More than Just a Walk; Sometimes you need to fly

How full of a person’s life can be? You can look at Ms. Luo, who is an editor, actress, dancer and mother. It is almost impossible to label her. Actually, such a fulfilled life never needs a label.

As Ms. Luo shared with us, life is not just a walk. Sometimes you need to fly. Our lives are far more complicated than movies. You should walk the walk, but never forget the dream in your heart. Sometimes, you need to breakthrough or fly over. In her presentation, she invited some audience to try the feeling of a tango hug. It was a feeling of “giving”. “Get out of your shell, be fearless, and embrace the diversity of life.”

God does not lock up all the doors; you just have not tried to open it yet.

The Speaker Witnessed the Development of China’s Internet Development

Our speaker Mr. Zhang Ning, known as Blue Glacier in the cyber world, said that he experienced the turning points of China’s Internet development in his career. Zhang worked for Youku, Alibaba, video game company, UC Browser, and Talkmate which he is operating currently. He divided the history of China’s Internet into 3 stages: net café era, personal internet era and mobile network era.


Many of the audience came for one of our speaker, Cai Tong, who is a PhD in psychology and an active poster of Zhuhu, the Chinese Quora. In his speech, he introduced his way of managing fragmented knowledge.

We are in an era of fragmented information. The world is changing so fast that the information is delivered in fragments. Take moments of Wechat and posts of Weibo for example, how can we utilize this kind of fragmented information? Cai Tong shared a way that he firstly filters the information by its importance; then categorizes the information into his current knowledge system. He also mentioned that tools, such as Excel and online Notes, can be utilized to manage the fragmented information.

Mr. Liu Hui introduced a new perspective to look at AI. As Alopha Go beat the top human Go master, the future of AI seems very promising. However, the current cost of AI robots still costs too much. Liu Hui explained a new way of utilizing AI, by which the cost of digitizing human behavior can be substantially reduced. For example, we can use a camera, which does not cost much nowadays, to collect data of human facial expression. By doing so, we can analyze human emotion and intervene human emotion so as to improve the well-being of users.

Experience from the Founder of Wenzhou Civil Think Tank

Our local speaker Mr. Ni Mengkao told us a story of the Wenzhou Civil Think Tank. What is a think tank? Is it a place where ideas and thoughts are collected and stored? “Actually no”, as Mr. Ni explained, “Wenzhou Civil Think Tank is the first registered research society founded by citizens.” The civil think tank involves the public in the policy-making of the government so as to realize the public interest. Proposals they have initiated include improving public bicycles in Wenzhou, exploring the cultural heritage of Nan Huaijin.

How to operate the think tank well in Wenzhou? Mr. Ni noted that there are 3 interesting points. The first principal of the organization is the principal of satisfactory; an idea will go through a process of “trial-refine-trail” until the result is satisfied. The second principal is the barbell principal; the think tank attracts more and more social resources by cooperating with media. And the last principal is the principal of community so as to maintain the diversity, independence and mobility of the organization.