2015 Wenzhou-Kean University Board of Directors Meeting

On 15th Nov. 2015, Wenzhou-Kean University Board Meeting was held on campus. The meeting includes an executive session and a public session.

The executive session, which was chaired by Mr. Ye Shiqiang, unanimously approved that Mr. Wang Beijiao to be the Chair of Wenzhou-Kean University Board of Directors.

The public session was chaired by Mr. Wang Beijiao. The meeting unanimously approved Mr. Lin Weiping to be the honorary director, Mr. Lin Qixin to be the executive secretary and Mr. Zhen Dawei and Ms. Han Xi to be student directors. The meeting unanimously approved the minutes of last board meeting, the 2014 WKU final accounting of revenue and expenditure and Wenzhou-Kean University 2015-2020 Strategic Plan. The meeting heard the operation report from Vice-Chancellor Mr. Qian Qiang, academic affairs report form Vice-Chancellor Dr. Holger Henke, financial report from Ms. Sailing Lin and Kean University’s 5-year financial budget on Wenzhou-Kean University from Mr. Philip Connelly.

The meeting had a constructive discussion on the drafting of Wenzhou-Kean University 2015-2020 Strategic Plan. The major concerns of the strategic plan were on the consistency of fund raising, recruitment of faculty and staff and the ratio of faculty to staff.