Acting Mayor of Wenzhou Municipal Government Visit WKU

On August 21, Mr. Xu Liyi, Acting Mayor of the Wenzhou Municipal Government visited WKU. During his visit he emphasized that the Wenzhou Government was, is and will be responsible for WKU. The development of WKU is placed as a top priority. Investment in campus buildings and surrounding facilities construction will be increased. In a word, the municipal government will always support WKU in its construction and growth.

Vice Mayor Ms. Zheng Chaoyang, Secretary General of Municipal Government Mr. Xie Shuhua, Deputy Secretary General Mr. Wang Jinggao and Mr. Ye Shiqiang, along with officials from Development and Reform Commission, Education Bureau, Housing and Construction Commission, Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs, Lu Cheng District and Ou Hai District joined this visit.

After visiting the new student dormitory and model classroom, Mr. Xu had a meeting with WKU leadership, including Mr. Frank Wang (Wang Beijiao), Mr. Qian Qiang, Dr. Holger Henke, Dr. Zheng Xiaodong and Mr. Ying Yonghong. Executive V.P. for Operations at Kean University Mr. Philip Connelly and Special Assistant to the President of Kean University Alan Xu (Xu Ting) also participated in this meeting.

Mr. Wang Beijiao pointed out, “WKU has overcome a lot of obstacles to get to today’s achievements. Today, let’s put these achievement aside, while I would like to take this opportunity to focus on the difficulties we face and then discuss how to deal with them.” Then WKU leadership made short reports on issues covering campus construction, surrounding facilities, organizational management, complementary relationship between university and city, talents building, and international elementary education project. Officials from education bureau, housing and construction commission and Lu Cheng District and Ou Hai District put forward their suggestions. In his response, Vice Mayor Zheng Chaoyang indicated, “WKU has been developing quickly with a growing reputation. This is the result of joint efforts of all parties. For problems regarding talent-building, salaries and budgeting, the municipal government was studying the principle of “controlling the overall budget; assessing the result; and relaxing approval procedure.”

Mr. Xu said, “WKU’s cooperative education mode has blazed a new trail of exploring higher education development in Wenzhou, which is very valuable and meaningful. The municipal government was, is and will be responsible for WKU. “

“Since WKU was established in November 2011 and officially approved in March 2014, it has attracted many excellent students and the overall construction process is quite quick. All this shows we have initial results. Both the Chinese and American side have made enormous effort in this project. Support from municipal government has already been in place. We really appreciate that Kean USA sees and treats WKU as its branch campus, rather than a general cooperation.” Mr. Xu commented.

Mr. Xu also emphasized, “Problems occur naturally as you proceed with your work. We need to be confident to address all these issues and problems.”

“The government will continue to put WKU as a top priority. The determination to support the university will not change. WKU should aim high from the beginning and find its right position in the education landscape,” Mr. Xu noted. He suggested WKU seek and apply innovative thinking to explore new mechanisms and systems for the Sino-Foreign cooperative education. By drawing on advanced concepts, faculty resources and management procedures, the university could serve the local development and the city,

Mr. Xu also pointed that it was important for WKU to build an international school. It will be a win-win outcome for both the faculty members as well as the city’s international education.