IMF Secretary Lin Jianhai Awarded WKU Honorary Professor

On August 13, Dr. Lin Jianhai, a native Wenzhounese, now the Secretary of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) paid a visit to Wenzhou-Kean University. Together with the WKU leadership, including Mr. Frank Wang (Wang Beijiao), Chair of University Council and Dr. Holger Henke, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Mr. Qian Qiang, Vice Chair of University Council and Dr Zheng Xiaodong, they discussed the difference between Chinese and American culture and the pathway toward a world-class university. Dr. Lin Jianhai was conferred a title of Honorary Professor of WKU as he received a certificate of appointment.

( L.-r. : ZHENG Xiaodong \QIAN Qiang \PAN Yixin\ Lin Jianhai \Holger Henke \WANG Beijiao \

Charles Greenberg \YIN Yonghong)

Born in Yueqing, (a county-level city under Wenzhou), Mr. Lin was appointed as Secretary of IMF in 2012, making him the first Chinese to assume this position. From Yueqing to Beijing, and to Washington, he earned his doctorate from the George Washing ton University. Dr. Lin joined IMF in 1989, and has previously served in senior positions in the Secretary’s, Finance, Policy Development and Review, and Asian and Pacific Departments, playing a key role monitoring the world economy and international political situation.

While visiting the library and model classroom, Mr. .Lin talked with Dr. Henke and Director of Library, Charles Greenberg. He praised the good learning environment and the brand new teaching mode, saying the advanced interactive teaching facility is even rare to see in the USA.

“WKU is an American-style university,” he said. “It is an English speaking campus with small-classroom teaching. Chinese students are given the chance to receive real American education at home.” Mr. Frank Wang was introducing WKU to Dr. Lin. He also expressed his hope that Dr. Lin would get involved in and support the educational enterprise in his hometown by providing more brilliant ideas for WKU, bringing more talents, and building a broader platform for the university and students.

Seeing the rapid progress of WKU has achieved, Mr. Lin was pleasantly surprised: “Education is the foundation of everything. The development of society, economy and culture relies on productivity, while the key lies in science, innovation and education. It is a great initiative that WKU draw such a beautiful picture on the white paper. These short years have seen WKU’s noticeable development, which meets the demands of global market.” Dr. Lin suggested WKU could introduce more educational resources, especially in Finance through lectures and online training, thus providing more learning opportunities for students to have academic exchange and program training.

Reflecting on his own experience, Dr. Lin said that the three and a half years he spent in college were a critical period that changed his life. He believed that going to college is far more than learning skills; it helps one to become an intelligent thinker and be a better man.

Dr. Lin has a deep affection for his hometown Wenzhou. In his memory,Wenzhou is a beautiful place with green hills and clear waters. Though his three daughters were raised in America, Mr. Lin still taught them Wenzhou dialect from childhood. Now all his daughters are able to understand and speak simple Wenzhou dialect.

Mr. Lin said:” We are all members of a Wenzhou big family. It is my responsibility to contribute my part to the educational enterprise.”