WKU Soccer Game

WKU Soccer Game, held by Wenzhou Kean University Football Club (WFC), aims at enhancing the soccer spirit in WKU and training students’ team cooperation ability. The soccer game officially started on 25th April, and after a three-month fierce competition, it ended on 17th May. Among the 8 teams participated in this activity, two of them won. The name lists of winners are as follows:

First prize: Xiaoyang Peng, Lingtian He, Feng Lin, Xiaohan Niu, Yichen Shi, Siyuan Wang, Shaojian Xu, Yongxin Zhou

Second prize: Jidong Zhang; Shenggui Pan, Peihong Fang, Le Lu, Yuan Qi, Haowen Wu, Honghong Shen, Ting Li, Yicheng Zhou, Yifan Wang, Jianfeng Wang

Thanks for the cooperation of players and the efforts of members in WFC!