Serial Talk on Banking

——How to Deal with Sino-US Relations:The Characteristics of Banking

On April 8th, we were very glad to have Mr. HUANG Jiannan, the Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Bill Clinton’s Commerce Department, to give us a lecture. The topic of this lecture is “The Characteristics of Banking Business”

Considering the depth of the lecture, people who have some knowledge in finance and business are preferred. Thus this lecture attracted not only students in business majors, but also professors of Business in our Wenzhou-Kean University. They are Prof. Frank Henry Wade and Prof. Vijay Patel.

Mr. HUANG firstly introduced us Three Banking Classifications: Traditional banking area, invest banking area and insurance banking area. “Banking is with opportunities and challenges. There are so many banks. The competitiveness is fierce, no matter small banks or large banks. ” Mr. HUANG said. In order to make students understand what is” banking”, Mr. HUANG used orange and water to tell us: for these objects, you can see and taste, but banking cannot. Banking’s failure will affect all the rings. On this basis, Mr. HUANG told us:”The trust is beyond the physical thing you can see.”

During the Q&A Session, Mr. HUANG answered the students’ questions patiently. Mr. HUANG and Prof. Frank Henry wade discussed banking-related issues in depth, which is beneficial to other listeners as well.

At the end of the lecture, Mr. HUANG gave a piece of advice to the students who were really into finance: ”Before you jump into business, you must understand the area first.” As WKUers, we know clearly about our responsibility. Until now, we know that perseverance is the most valuable quality.
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