2015 JazzScape Open Day

On March 22nd, Wenzhou-Kean University hosted the JazzScape Open House Day on a bright and sunny day. Drinking a cup of coffee, enjoying the charm of jazz, visitors got to know the American-styleuniversity that is located in Wenzhou.

Dr. Holger Henke, associate vice-president for academic affairs at Wenzhou-Kean University gave a welcome address to the visitors. Dr. Henke introduced the importance of international education in relation to the demands of the global economy, and – coining the phrase “Dragons speak English” – emphasized the significant role that English competency plays in this regard in one’s career. He also sincerely welcomed students who were interested in American Education to join in WKU. Several faculty member of WKU gave presentations to the visitors, introducing different programs. The activities of Open Day included a campus tour, Living Library-Campus Life Sharing, Campus Carnival, Creative Market and demo classes. The highlight was the JazzScape held by Mr. Charles Greenberg, director of WKU’s Library. Mr. Greenberg introduced the history of Jazz and saxophonist Richard Young performed beautiful music.

Living Library-Campus

Living Library-Campus is an activity where readers communicate with a “living book” to get more knowledge. Comparedto traditional libraries, the living-library has an advantage that offered a great opportunity for readers to share with the speaker about their own life experiences. Living Library also brought visitors some of the best programs and entrepreneurships of WKU to show the unique campus life that students have in an international circumstances.

Campus tour

Student ambassadors of WKU took visitors around the campus, showing campus life and its culture.

Program introduction

Faculty members introduced programs to the students and families.

Demo classes

Faculty presented wonderful demo classes where visitors were able toexperience an authentic American class.

Campus Carnival

Organized by Student Government and Student Group Committee, this activity provided interaction through playing games with visitors.

Creativity market

College students, as the most creative and energetic group, they endowed products with creativity and their concepts of life. This Open House invited groups such as Organic Lifestyle, Girls’ Creativity in Beauty, Study Abroad Supermarket, DIY Western Desserts and Environmental-friendly bag.