Secretary Chen Yixin Visit WKU before Teacher’s Day

On September 8th, Mr. Chen Yixin, member of the Zhejiang Provincial Standing Committee and Secretary of the Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee on the occasion of Chinese Teacher’s Day paid a visit to WKU, expressing gratitude for the efforts of faculty members and sending greetings to all staff.

Member of Municipal Standing Committee and Secretary General Mr. Qiu Yangjun, Vice Mayor Ms. Zheng Chaoyang, Vice Secretary General Mr. Mu Li, and Director of the Wenzhou Education Bureau Mr.Zheng Jianhai also joined in this visit.

After touring the campus and new student dormitories, Mr.Chen returned to the Faculty Lounge and led a discussion with the WKU leadership and faculty members. Mr. Chen said, “It is my great pleasure to meet the Chancellor of the University, Professor Lu Shanzhen, Dr. Holger Henke, and the Director of Kean Human Resources Mr. Faruque Chowdhury today. WKU is a good model of Sino-US cooperative education. With support of President Farahi and the Wenzhou Municipal Government, this University started from scratch and is now a full-fledged University. On behalf of the government, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all faculty, staff and leadership.”

“We will continue to support WKU by selecting the best workers and talents to enrich the WKU leadership and staff team. And more land and funds will be invested in WKU.”

“Teachers in China have a high level of public respect. Being a teacher is considered to be a lofty profession. Teacher is the engineer of a human being’s soul; the promoter of civilization; the gardener that shapes the future for a nation. The WKU faculty body is the goodwill messenger between China and the U.S. WKU will be the practitioner of implementing the five-point orientation strategy put forward by Wenzhou Government, namely, ecology-oriented, information-oriented, fashion-oriented, urban and international. “

Mr. Frank Wang expressed his appreciation for Mr. Chen’s visit and pointed out that WKU has the confidence and determination to achieve success.

WKU leaders Mr. Qian Qiang, Mr. Zheng Xiao and Mr. Ying Yonghong, Special Assistant to the President of Kean University Mr. Alan Xu, and several faculty members also attended this event.

WKU presented carnations to faculty members, wishing them: “Happy Teacher’s Day!”