2016 WKU DAY

On September 24th, Wenzhou-Kean University successfully had the annual event—WKU DAY, which hosted by Student Government. WKU DAY is the traditional and unique activity of Wenzhou-Kean University and its aim is to help students know more about their school as well as their peers.This year, WKU DAY had four themes – Living Library, Game Carnival, Student Group Recruitment Fair and Freshman Party. Each theme activity showed the features of Wenzhou-Kean University. Everyone can feel the atmosphere of this American-style university.

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Living Library invited six story tellers to share their study and life experience in WKU. They are sophomores, juniors and seniors students of Wenzhou-Kean University. Although they are from different grades, they all had fun with listeners. The way of their sharing was also very different: tellers and listeners all sit down on the grass, which made the distance between them closer.WKU DAY is also a good opportunity for every Student Group to attract freshmen to join them. The free development of various clubs is also another feature of Wenzhou–Kean University.

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Game Carnival was the highlight of WKU DAY. Everyone can try many interesting games during this part. We added a new game “Water War” to it this year. Almost every student who played said it was really amazing because they appreciated the feeling of getting wet and cool on such a hot day, “It is so exciting and interesting because we never try it in my high school”, one of the freshmen said. This is Wenzhou–Kean University, we hope all students can try new things and get new experience here.

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The Freshman Party was the most entertaining and heartfelt part of the activity. More than 300 students danced to the top of their bent along with the dynamic music. It was a very different dancing party for freshmen. Someone said they do not have party like this in their high school and Wenzhou-Kean University is really special. This is also what you will learn from WKU: Study hard, play hard.

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This year, student representatives from Wenzhou University, Wenzhou Medical University and Wenzhou Vocational & Technical College were also invited to attend WKU Day.