Wenzhou-Kean University Career Planning Public Lecture at Ouhai High School

On October 11th, Mr. Huang Xianbiao, Secretary of The Commission for Discipline Inspection of Wenzhou-Kean University and Mr. Wu Yuwei, faculty from Wenzhou Business School, delivered a career planning lecture at Ouhai High School. The hall was fully packed by over 500 students. Ouhai High school is the first stop of Wenzhou-Kean University’s “Career Planning Lecture Series”, and a letter of intent for strategic cooperation between the two parties has been signed.

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“After graduating from university, I worked as a civil servant. I was good at writing and working very hard, and then I was gradually promoted…” Mr. Huang shared his personal experience with the audience in his speech “Spirit of Campus life and Choices of Life Path”. He gave the students helpful suggestions on career planning. Last year, Mr. Huang, in his fifties, facing many career choices, chose to work in higher education without hesitation. Apparently, this is a brand new area for him.

The American education ambience, a different management mode, and the bilingual working environment have all been challenging but attractive to Mr. Huang. When asked why he chose Wenzhou-Kean, he said, “I like to challenge myself. And I find I really love this work.” Although he is very busy, learning English is still on his daily to-do-list.

For these Ouhai students, this public speech did not end with inspiring stories. They have the option of studying at Wenzhou-Kean University: an American university with a beautiful campus and sophisticated facilities. They can pursue international education “at home” in the near future.

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How to get into your dream university? What will the results of reform of the Gaokao Exam (College Entrance Examination) be? How does one make a good career plan? Mr. Hu Yuwei, faculty from Psychological Service and Career Planning of Wenzhou Business School brought his own theories and opinions in the presentation “Grow into your true self”. “The perfect plan is the one that suits you best.” These ideas were greatly welcomed by all the students.

04“This event has broadened my horizon. Now I have great expectations from college life,” said Zhang Xiaojun, a Grade 10 student from Ouhai High school.

Mr. Yang Xiqun, a teacher at Ouhai High school said that his students have been exploring activities on career planning. “Today’s lecture is very enlightening. Hopefully, there will be more cooperation and more diversified activities in the future.”

Wenzhou-Kean University and Ouhai High School signed a letter of intent for strategic cooperation, indicating the establishment of an Excellent Secondary School Partner relationship.

“We sincerely hope to establish a closer connection with high level universities, so that we will be able to offer more help for students” said Mr. Jin Zhizheng, the Principal at Ouhai High school. In the future, Ouhai High School will make full use of the resources provided by Wenzhou-Kean University, launching the “Principal’s Educational Leadership” program as well as other lectures and academic communication activities.

The Career Planning Lecture Series of Wenzhou-Kean University will be held in Wenzhou, Hangzhou, Ningbo and many other cities. The lectures aim to discuss how high schools effectively cooperate with universities in the post-Gaokao-reform setting. So far, more than ten high schools have set up cooperative relationships with Wenzhou-Kean University.