Makerspace Unveiled at Wenzhou-Kean University – by Nobel Prize Sharer

IMG_4950Collaborative office area, roadshow hall, peer sharing space and project exhibition area…all gatherer in the makerspace in Wenzhou-Kean University, and are now get ready to open. In the eye of Yan Zili, a sophomore student, “Kean’s makerspace follows suit of American style entrepreneurship coffee shops, a place where people gather together and have an easy chat.” On November 5, Wenzhou-Kean University and ONEHRT Group collaboratively launched the makerspace program in Kean University, aiming to provide entrepreneurship education and services for undergraduates who dream of starting their own businesses and run their own entrepreneurship programs.

Makerspace at Wenzhou-Kean University is developed by Wenzhou ONEHRT Entrepreneurship Services Co., Ltd who will build it into an open, free and diverse global innovative entrepreneurship platform for college students. Philip Connelly, Executive Vice Chancellor at Wenzhou-Kean University and Ying Qiheng, Chair of the Board of ONEHRT Group signed a contract for their partnership on the program, which is unveiled by Professor Mohan Munasinghe, a Nobel Prize sharer and Wang Beijiao, Chairman of of BoDirectors Wenzhou-Kean University , etc.


089A5426Mr. Wang said, “as a Sino-US cooperative university, we adhere to the philosophy of “providing students different path of development”, and attaches great importance to training students into international talents with entrepreneurial spirit and innovative ability to survive in the global knowledge-based economy. In recent two years, we have been dedicated to the establishment and improvement of innovation and entrepreneurship supporting services as well as the construction of university entrepreneurship supporting system. We’ve confirmed the leading role of the career development service center and offered campus building complex that covers a large ground areas as start-up curators; meanwhile a number of campus business strategy contests such as Shark Tank were also organized in support of start-up programs and entrepreneurs. Typical cases vary from Social dog program, a campus coffee shop program to campus bookstore (souvenir store) programs.”

Mr. Wang added later that the university greatly underlines social resource and strength integration, regarding them as a way of fostering resource sharing, technology transformation and communication. This year witnessed the establishment of school-land cooperation between Wenzhou-Kean University and Wenzhou University Science Park. The partnership inspires the interaction between innovative talents and resource sharing in the technology field, facilitating the innovative entrepreneurship program of the university. The “Makerspace of Wenzhou-Kean University” co-built by Wenzhou-Kean University and ONEHRT Group today is a low-cost, convenient, complete and open platform for start-up services based on market mechanism, professional service and capitalization. The district will be developed into an entrepreneurs’ paradise centered on Wenzhou-Kean University and covering surrounding areas and Chashan Higher Education Park as part of the “Kean Village”, an international study place under planning.


638A5495Upon the completion of the “Makerspace”, the university and ONEHRT Group will bring their advantages into full play under a sincere cooperative relationship and win-win idea by co-launching entrepreneurship education and services, going through application and handover procedures of makerspace funding and supportive programs of different types at various levels across the globe and nurturing leading entrepreneurs with entrepreneurial spirit and competence and excellent innovation and entrepreneur teams. By doing so, Wenzhou-Kean University will established itself as a brand of innovation and entrepreneurship and also “Makerspace of Wenzhou- Kean University” as an international brand, making greater contributions to the economic and social development of Wenzhou.

During lunchtime of the opening ceremony day, Shen Xinle and Yan Zhili, both sophomores in Kean University availed the opportunity to brief about their “Hey Coffee Bar” and “Computer & Card” projects respectively in front of the present big shots.