Campaign for World AIDS day, 2016 in Wenzhou-Kean University

In order to promote the awareness of teachers and students of HIV/AIDS prevention in Wenzhou-Kean University, on world AIDS day, WKU school doctors and LiAo street community health service center jointly held AIDS prevention activities. They invited professional physicians who came from LiAo street community health service center to preach, and to distribute the brochures and souvenirs.

From 10:00 to 12:30 on November 30th, 2016, in front of the first dining room, the physician Haijing Ji who comes from LiAo street community health service center together with the school doctors in WKU, promote knowledge about AIDS to teachers and students. As a result, most of the students got a deep understanding about what kind of route might lead a risk of infecting AIDS and otherwise can’t. This activity plays a really important role of preventing and controlling AIDS. At last, the doctors distributed the souvenirs for teachers and students, which drew a perfect full stop for this activity.

IMG_3110                         IMG_3080


Pictures by LiangMin,Wu

Written by Ziyuan, Fu

November 30, 2016