China International Culture Communication Base Award Unveiled at WKU—College of Overseas Chinese Receives One Million RMB

无标题1On Dec. 28th, the 10th Congress of the Li’ao Overseas Chinese Association was held at Wenzhou-Kean University (WKU). At the meeting, the All-China Federation of Returned Overseas conferred upon WKU the designation China International Culture Communication Base. The Li’ao Overseas Chinese Association signed a strategic cooperation agreement with WKU’s College of Overseas Chinese. Mr. Wang Yundi, the Overseas Chinese leader from France, also donated one million RMB to the WKU Education Foundation. The event was attended by Mr. Frank Wang, Chairman of the WKU Board of Directors and Mr. Wang Chengyun, Chairman of WKU Foundation. The Secretary General of the Foundation also attended this event.

There are many advantages for WKU in being located in the hometown of overseas Chinese. WKU always works closely with various overseas associations, both in China and abroad, and jointly contributes to the development of the regional economy. In 2016, WKU received overseas delegations from Europe, United States, South Africa and the overseas Chinese leadership of the World Wenzhounese Conference, discussing cultural exchanges and investment opportunities, as well as how to support and develop Wenzhou’s educational needs. Last summer, the University organized the Overseas Chinese youth “China Roots Trip” Summer Camp. Some 40 teenagers of the Italy Overseas Chinese group participated in this camp, experiencing their Chinese culture and heritage. Their sense of cultural identity has been greatly enhanced through this activity. In 2016, WKU was approved by All-China Federation of Returned Overseas as the “China International Culture Communication Base”.

At the December meeting, Mr. Wang Chengyun, Mr. Wang Chengyun, on behalf of the WKU College of Overseas Chinese, signed a strategic partnership aimed at exploring new model of universities cooperating with overseas associations. The College of Overseas Chinese will offer training and student internships for the overseas Chinese community, while the Association will help WKU raise funds to support building WKU’s facilities, so as to achieve the goal of cooperative development.

Mr. Wang Yundi, the newly elected Chairman of Li’ao Overseas Chinese Association and the Overseas Chinese leader from France, generously donated one million RMB to WKU,to support the building and development of WKU Overseas Chinese College.

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