Party Secretary Xia expresses his firm support during his visit to WKU


IMG_0816On February 24th, the Party Secretary of Zhejiang Province (the highest-ranking government official in Zhejiang Province) Xia Baolong visited Wenzhou-Kean University for the purpose of exploring various forms of cooperation in education between China and the United States which could lead to jointly cultivating high-quality talent for the future society.

With the strong backing from the government, Wenzhou-Kean University will become a quality model for a Sino-American cooperative university.

Chen Jinbiao (Member of the Provincial Committee of the CPC), Zhou Jiangyong (Secretary of the Municipal Committee of the CPC), Zhang Geng (Mayor of Wenzhou and Vice Secretary of the Municipal Committee of the CPC) and other important figures also attended the trip.
Mr. Wang Beijiao, the Chairman and Party Secretary of Wenzhou-Kean University, introduced the current status of the university and the plans for future development to Mr. Xia Baolong.

Mr. Wang said that Wenzhou-Kean University, as a model of cooperative education, has shown its initial success, and the success is acknowledged by both China and the U.S.

The university follows the lead of the Communist Party, combines the education styles in China and the U.S., has overcome difficulties during development, has improved the scientific research system, and continues to deepen cooperation between the two countries.

During the next stage of development, the university will fully implement the Strategic Development Plan (2015 – 2020), aiming at providing world-class education with a beautiful campus, qualified faculty, and a perfected management system to keep the university running at high work efficiency. Educating high-quality talents for regional economic and cultural development is another important goal for the university in its new stage.

IMG_0815Mr. Xia said that he has been paying close attention to the development of WKU even though he hasn’t had the chance to come here before. After learning about the preliminary success of the university, he firmly believes that, with great efforts from both China and the U.S., Wenzhou-Kean University will become a first-class university in China offering world-class education.

He also mentioned that when he met with President Farahi last time, they shared lots of ideas about education. President Farahi gave him a coat embroidered with a Kean University logo which he cherishes.

Mr. Xia said that the provincial government strongly supports the development of WKU. In order to run the university successfully, the government officials in the education department should further discuss the cooperation issues with the university.

Mr. Xia Baolong also toured the library and study rooms of WKU. During the visit, Charles Greenberg, the Director of the Library at WKU, introduced the future student center to Mr. Xia. He said the library will be constructed in the student center where students can also hold other activities. A 24-hour study room will also be provided. Mr. Xia is looking forward to seeing the completion of these facilities.

IMG_0814While visiting the biology laboratory, Mr. Xia Baolong learned that Dr. Toby Michelena, the biology professor in WKU, is working on a study called the Wen-Rui Tang River Revitalization Project,hoping to find ways to use microorganisms to improve the self-purification capacity of the river. Mr. Xia was happy to hear that the problem might be solved in the future. He told Dr. Toby that his work is useful for the water-control project in Zhejiang Province, and he hopes he can accelerate his research. Mr. Xia said if Dr. Toby finds the way to have the river clean itself he would express his appreciation and give Dr. Toby and his team a big award.

While passing the office of David Purnell (Peng Dawei), Dean of the college of liberal arts, Dr. Peng spoke to Mr. Xia Baolong in fluent Chinese. Mr. Xia said that learning Chinese can definitely help a foreigner understand Chinese culture and history. Sino-foreign cooperative education is actually a form of cultural exchange and the integration of Eastern and Western cultures.

Mr. Xia also mentioned that Wenzhou-Kean University should try to become the model for Sino-American cooperative University to facilitate this kind of cultural exchange and integration.

The university held a meeting with Secretary Xia during his visit. Dr. Philip Connelly (Executive Vice Chancellor of WKU), Dr. Holger Henke (Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs), Mr. Huang Xianbiao (Secretary of WKU Committee of the CPC for Discipline Inspection), Mr. Zheng Xiaodong (Vice Chancellor of Wenzhou-Kean University), Mr. Ying Yonghong (Member of the WKU Committee of the CPC) and other school officials also attended the meeting.




Translated by Zhu Peiqi and Lou Zongxiang

Edit by Gary Linebarger