Nearly Half WKU Graduates Choose to Further Their Education Overseas


97 out of 213 graduates choose to further their education overseas, which makes up nearly 50% of the total graduates this year. On 10th May, a graduate destinations report was made during the 2017 WKU Graduation Season Press Conference. 142 out of 213 graduates have already made up their minds.


70% of the Graduates Have Decided Their Future Paths

微信图片_20170510143356This year, 213 students in total are graduating from Wenzhou-Kean University, which has 29 more students graduating than those who graduated last year. The increase rate is 15.8%. Until 5th May, 142 graduates have decided their future paths. Graduates with Confirmed Destinations Rate = (Number of Graduates Deciding to Further Study Overseas + Number of Graduates Already Employed + Number of Graduates Deciding to Further Study in China + Number of Graduates Starting their Own Businesses)/Total Number of Graduates.

Among these graduates, 185 are from College of Business, including 17 from International Economics and Trade, 100 from Economics (International Accounting) and 68 from Economics (International Finance). This is the first year for International Economics and Trade to have graduates. Until 5th May, 125 graduates have decided their destinations after graduation, and 1 graduate has already started his/her own business in Wenzhou.


11 graduates are from College of Liberal Arts and Social Science. All of them are from English Major, and 5 graduates have made their decisions.

17 graduates are from College of Natural, Applied, & Health Sciences. All of them are from Computer Science, and 12 graduates have confirmed their future development.


Nearly 50% Graduates Choose to Further Their Study Overseas

Among the 142 determined graduates, 97 choose to further their study overseas, which accounts for 68.3%. Compared with the first graduate cohort, graduates of 2017 have made more diversified discipline choices. Cross-disciplinary application, e.g. business students apply to study in disciplines of science and engineering, has an outstanding increase.

FU Xiaoting, a girl who is graduating this year, is admitted by the PhD Program of Computer Science in North Carolina State University, and received a full scholarship. FU is the first WKU undergraduate student who is admitted by PhD programs directly.

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Bilingual Competence Powers Students up in Employment and Entrepreneurship

Among the 44 graduates who are already employed, 29 passed the banking examination and are admitted into management training programs. Meanwhile, accounting agencies and business consulting companies are also favored by WKU graduates. In the Spring recruitment season of university students, enterprises spoke highly of the confidence and proficiency demonstrated by WKU students during interview sessions. An enterprise director said:” WKU graduates have not only a strong bilingual competence, but also the ability to help us in finding recourses all over the world via multiple ways including the Internet.”

There is one successful entrepreneur among this year’s graduates. XU Haining from Hangzhou registered and established his Wenzhou Calabash Distillation Facilities Company Ltd., which manufactures and sells distillation facilities for whisky brewing. XU and his WKU classmates take advantage of their fluent English speaking and the VPN access on campus to find customers overseas directly on Facebook.