DaFa Group Donates One Hundred Million to WKU for Campus Construction

DaFa Group Donates One Hundred Million to WKU for Campus Construction

On June 19th, Wenzhou-Kean University and DaFa Land Group held a donation signing ceremony at WKU campus. Starting from this year, this Group will donate one hundred million RMB to Wenzhou-Kean University Education Foundation successively. This donation is the largest ever in WKU’s history.

In 2006, President Xi, who was Party Secretary of Zhejiang Province at that time remarked when attending the signing ceremony on establishing Wenzhou-Kean University, “What Wenzhou people need most is not money – it’s education.”

As an entrepreneur and the main donator of the donation, Chairman of DaFa Group Mr. Ge Hekai was deeply impressed by President Xi’s remark. “President Xi’s words actually struck a responsive chord in the hearts of all Wenzhounese,” Mr. Ge said. He also noted that he is just doing his small part to help WKU, and the donation not only represented his but also Dafa Group’s high expectations for WKU. He encouraged students to think big and aim high, be confident and positive, and make great contributions to the society and our country. “It’s my pleasure that WKU receives my team’s donation. My dream is to support education development, and that has just come true.” Ge said.


WKU Chairman of Board of Directors Mr. Wang Beijiao expressed his sincere appreciation for the generosity of DaFa Group. “Today will be recorded into the history of WKU. Your generosity has greatly inspired us and boosted our confidence. WKU’s development needs support from people of all walks of life.” Mr. Wang said. He particularly emphasized “every penny will be used in the right place”, so as to repay the support from DaFa Group and the society. “WKU and DaFa will maintain friendly partnership. As a university, we produce talents, and enterprises need talents. To us, the reward is to prepare students for the future, enabling them not only contributing to the enterprises they work for, but also to the society. This is our determination and confidence.” Mr. Wang remarked.

WKU Executive Vice Chancellor Mr. Philip Connelly introduced WKU’s graduates achievements and their future destinations to the representatives from DaFa Group.


Shanghai DaFa Land Group is an enterprise with first-grade qualification of comprehensive urban development. Chairman Ge Hekai is a philanthropist. He has committed himself to the charity for a long time, promoting cooperation between DaFa Land with a variety of philanthropic foundations.

The one hundred million donation is used with priority for the construction of the “Wenzhou-Kean University Architecture and Design Building” and the building will be named after “Ge He Kai Building”.

The donation ceremony was chaired by WKU Vice Chancellor Dr. Zheng Xiaodong. CEO of Dafa Group Mr. Ge Yiyang, WKU leadership and officials from Wenzhou Municipal Finance Department also attended this event.