Delegates of Wenzhou-Kean University Participate in the 8th University Scholar Leadership Symposium at the United Nations


From August 1, 2017 to August 7, 2017, the 8th University Scholar Leadership Symposium launched by Humanitarian Affairs was convoked at the United Nations in Bangkok, Thailand. More than 900 distinguished university delegates from 78 countries and regions were invited to partake in this conference.

As the first Sino-US cooperative university in Zhejiang, Wenzhou-Kean University was also on the list of this event. 13 excellent student delegates from WKU went to Bangkok to study and discuss humanitarian affairs with outstanding students from world renowned universities. The theme of this symposium is “Building life, Giving hope”, delegates listened speeches from staff of Humanitarian Affairs and Non-Governmental Organizations. In addition, delegates actively participated in services related to Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations. Delegates joined in the tea break and group discussion as well. After the variety of these activities, delegates were clearly aware that though they are having a comfortable life, there were still many placed in the world need to be changed.

Delegates also figured out the future directions that they would be working hard in the future by continually improving themselves and contributing to humanitarian affairs in the meantime.


At this symposium, delegates listened speeches of people from different fields such as Dr. Lutfi Fadil Lokman, the founder of Hospital Beyond Boundaries; Ryan Hrelja, the founder of Ryan’s Well Foundation; Francis Kong, a phillippino inspirational speaker and author; and Rachel Sumekh, the founder of Swipe Out Hunger.


A highlight of this symposium is service day which related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations. On that day, delegates from all over the world deeply felt the pain of poverty and starvation, and understood the importance of developing humanitarian affairs with sweats and tears. They also hoped to actively participate in serve humanitarian affairs in the future.

In group discussion related to the SDG, delegates from Wenzhou-Kean University played an active role in the discussion. In a discussion on quality education, WKU delegates focused on combining the actual situation of WKU and put forward to an idea that teachers from developed countries can be hired by developing countries in order to enable students from developing countries have access to better education. This idea was recognized and appreciated by participants in the discussion.

Zhenyang Xu, a delegate of Wenzhou-Kean University, said, “Through this one-week symposium, I understand not only more about that we young generation have to work hard to fill the gap of the shortcomings of the world, but also I meet friends from the whole world during the tea break and group discussion, talking with them helps me have a deeper understanding of the world.”