Delegates of Wenzhou-Kean University Participate in the 8th University Scholar Leadership Symposium at the United Nations


From August 2 to 6, the 8th University Scholars Leadership Symposium “Building life, Giving hope” which was hosted by the United Nations Global Compact and Humanitarian Affairs Asia, was held in the United Nations Conference Center in Bangkok, Thailand. More than 900 teachers and students on behalf of hundreds of universities from 78 countries and regions of the world gathered in Bangkok to join the great event.

As the first Sino-US cooperative university in Zhejiang Province, WKU was invited to attend the symposium. 13 WKU student representatives went to Bangkok to discuss the humanitarian issues together with that from other countries.

One of the key parts of the symposium was for the United Nations Office for members from the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and the non-government organizations to deliver speeches. Lutfi Fadil Lokman, founder of cross-border hospital, Ryan Hreljac, founder of Ryan’s Well Fund, Francis Kong, outstanding speaker and author from the Philippines, Rachel Sumekh, the founder of American Hunger-Free Program, and other celebrities who had contributed to global humanitarian cause shared their storied.


In addition, tea talk, group discussion and one-day social service were also on the agenda of the symposium. During the one-day social service, WKU students got involved in local public services, experienced the hardship brought by poverty and hunger to people and realized the importance of developing humanitarian affairs. They were expected to actively serve for the humanitarian affairs in the future.


A highlight of this symposium is service day which related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations. On that day, delegates from all over the world deeply felt the pain of poverty and starvation, and understood the importance of developing humanitarian affairs with sweats and tears. They also hoped to actively participate in serve humanitarian affairs in the future.

During group discussion on the United Nations sustainable development goals, WKU students actively made speeches and proposed the idea, centering on “quality education” in combination with WKU schooling practice, that to transfer the quality education resources of development countries to the developing countries to offer quality education to their students. This proposal received agreement and approval from representatives of other countries present.

Xu Zhenyang, one of WKU student representatives, said: “Through this symposium, I have a deeper understanding on the places of the world that need us young people to make our own contributions. By the tea talk and group discussion, I got a chance to know friends from all over the world and to communicate with them about my understanding of the world. ”

The University Scholars Leadership Symposium, a one-week leadership training program, offers a motivating platform for thousands of future leaders from all over the world to gather together. Since 2010 when the first session of University Scholars Leadership Symposium was held, this symposium has been held in one of the developing countries in Asian-Pacific region every year.