WKU Experimental Kindergarten started Spring enrollment

Ouhai District and WKU carried out university-locality cooperation and jointly established the WKU Experimental Kindergarten. Yesterday, the kindergarten officially started 2018 Spring enrollment.


As a bilingual international kindergarten established jointly by WKU and the government of Ouhai District, WKU Experimental Kindergarten implements hybrid school system integrating public and private running systems. The kindergarten is located in Wenzhou Kean Town (Li’oujin Park on Li’ao Street) and shares hardware facilities with Li’ao Li’ou Kindergarten. The kindergarten covers an area of about 6,700 m², of which the building area is about 5,000 m², outdoor activity area is about 3,200 m² and the greening area is about 1,900 m², meet Level I kindergarten standard. The kindergarten plans to open 12 classes, of which 3 classes are bilingual classes, with 1 vice foreign principal, 1 foreign teacher, 1 Chinese teacher and 1 nursery governess for each class.


The kindergarten will start enrollment in the spring of 2018 and plans to set 1 bottom class with 25 children. The children to be admitted are those born from September 1, 2013 to August 31, 2014, giving priority to children whose parents are WKU faculty and children who live in Li’oujing Community. The kindergarten adopts advanced American preschool education system and offers curriculum according to international standard, in order to enhance the preschool education level in the community and cultivate international talents for the future.

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“Through the joint efforts of China and the USA, I’m very confident that we will provide basis for educating the next generation in 21st century – the digital and global citizens. With the support from China, the USA and other countries, we will build a significant kindergarten with sense of innovation and academic value.” Michael Hilsen, Executive Director of the Global Education and Early Learning School of Kean University congratulated the establishment of WKU Experimental Kindergarten.

Yesterday was the first opening day of Li’ou Kindergarten. Philip Connally, executive vice president of WKU attended the opening ceremony.