Aloysius Wong


2016 Postdoctoral Researcher
Institute for Integrative Biology of the Cell (I2BC)
French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) campus, France
2014-2016 Postdoctoral Fellow
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Saudi Arabia

PhD in Bioscience (2011-2014)
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Saudi Arabia
MPhil in Biotechnology (2010-2011)
University of Cambridge, UK
BSc (Hons) in Biotechnology (2006-2009)
UCSI University, Malaysia

Dr. Wong seeks to understand from a molecular perspective, how plants despite being sessile and immobile, can efficiently perceive environmental (biotic and abiotic) signals and mount short- and long-term biological responses that enables them to survive in environments considered hostile to plants. His current research can be divided into three main areas: 1) Sustainable and indoor horticulture, 2) Probiotics and antibiotic resistance and, 3) Plant cell signaling.

Journal Articles
1. Al-Younis I, Wong A, Lemtiri-Chlieh F, Schmӧkel S, Tester M, Gehring C & Donaldson L (2018). The Arabidopsis thaliana K+-uptake permease 5 (AtKUP5) contains a functional cytosolic adenylate cyclase essential for K+ transport. Front Plant Sci (accepted)
2. Marondedze C, Liu X, Huang S, Wong C, Zhou X, Pan X, An H, Xu N, Tian X & Wong A (2018). Towards a tailored indoor horticulture: A functional genomics guided phenotypic approach. Hortic Res 2018(5), 68 doi: 10.1038/s41438-018-0065-7
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16. Wong A & Gehring C (2013). The Arabidopsis thaliana proteome harbors undiscovered multi-domain molecules with functional guanylyl cyclase catalytic centers. Cell Commun Signal 11(1), 48

1. Xu N, Zhang C, Lim LL & Wong A (2018). Bioinformatic analysis of nucleotide cyclase functional centers and development of ACPred webserver. Proceedings of the 2018 ACM International Conference on Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, and Health Informatics (BCB’18). August 29-September 1, 2018, Washington DC, USA
2. Lu L, Michelena T, Wong A, Zhang C & Meng Y (2018). The inhibition of acetylcholinesterase by a brain-targeting polylysine-apoE peptide: biochemical and structural characterizations. Proceedings of the 40th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (IEEE EMBC’18). July 17-21, 2018, Honolulu HI, USA

1. Wong A, Thomas L, Gehring C & Marondedze C (2016). Proteomics of fruit development and ripening. In Sunil Pareek (Ed.), Postharvest Ripening Physiology of Crops: CRC Press/Taylor & Francis, 413-448
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Laser-based agriculture system, Ooi BS, Wong A & Ng TK. US 14/868,422; US20160088804 A1, March 31, 2016.

1. National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 31850410470)
Category: International (Regional) Cooperation and Exchange Project
Project Title: Towards a highly tailored indoor horticulture: A functional genomics guided phenotypic approach
Duration: 2019-01-01 to 2020-12-31
2. Zhejiang Provincial Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant no. Q19C130001)
Category: Youth Science Fund Project
Project Title: 高级定制的室内园艺:一种功能基因组学引导的表现型途径
Duration: 2019-01-01 to 2021-12-31
3. Student partnering with Faculty (SpF) II & III (Grant No. WKU201617002 & WKU201718009)
Project Title: Antibiotic resistant probiotics in dietary and health supplements
Duration: 2016-01-11 to 2019-01-03

1. Wenzhou-Kean University Student Research Days Keynote Speaker (04-2018)
2. Young Investigator Award by Young Scientist Network Malaysia & Malaysia Academy of Sciences (06-2015)
3. DOW Chemicals Sustainability Innovation Student Challenge (DOW SISCA) Award Winner (10-2013)
4. KAUST PhD Fellowship and Provost Awards (09-2011)

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