Groundbreaking Ceremony of Gehekai Hall!


Yesterday morning, the continuous sound of firecrackers can be heard to the east of campus entrance, celebrating the commencement ceremony of WKU Gehekai Building under the witness of faculty and students. The building, as a part of the School of Architecture & Design, was well designed in the spirit of “alleys”. Ge Hekai, Chairman of DFL Group, Wang Beijiao, Secretary of Party Committee and Chair of WKU Board of Directors, and Philip Connelly, WKU Executive Vice Chancellor attended the groundbreaking ceremony.

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In this June, Shanghai DaFa Land Group Co., Ltd. contributed RMB 100 million to WKU Education Development Foundation for construction of the “Building of WKU School of Architecture & Design”. The Building was therefore named after the main sponsor — Ge Hekai, Chairman of DFL Group, as “Gehekai Hall”. Located in the campus portal, the Building is to the north of campus entrance and portal park, and to the south of central lake. Total floor area of the project is about 287,570,000 m², of which the total building area is 15,992 m² (five layers in total). The Building is mainly used for teaching, research and office uses of the School of Architecture & Design and the School of Computer, accommodating 21 classrooms. The project is expected to be completed in April 2019.




The Building is designed by Moore Ruble Yudell Architects & Planners / Tongji Architectural Design (Group) Co., Ltd. in the spirit of alleys and lanes, arranging classrooms, workshops, labs and other functional spaces in parallel and remaining alley-like spaces for community communication among them, thus forming several open areas for interactive demonstration and exchange such as aisles and exhibition halls. Further optimized design, construction and procurement are expected to be completed by Zhongtian Group.



At the ceremony, Wang Beijiao put forward high standard requirements for the construction of Gehekai Hall, requiring all construction units to cooperate with and supervise each other, and establish the Gehekai Hall as a building model of our times and a landmark on the WKU campus.


Philip Connelly said that, the donations of DFL Group are the largest ever made not only to Wenzhou-Kean University, but also even to the 162-year-old Kean University in the United States. He hoped that this building would always stand on the WKU campus in the next hundreds of years.


Vice Chancellor Dr. Zheng Xiaodong presided at the commencement ceremony. Related officers of WKU attended the ceremony, including Dr. Holger Henke, Huang Xianbiao, Ying Yonghong and Xia Caiguo, along with responsible persons from EPC, QC and supervision units.