Valerie L. Vaccaro

Office: W-105E

PhD in Marketing, CUNY/Baruch

Dr. Vaccaro has been teaching in the marketing field since 1988, and has published and presented her work in numerous venues, including her 2012 article, “B2B Green Marketing And Innovation Theory For Competitive Advantage” which was published in the Journal of Systems and Information Technology and voted #1 in the “Top 20 Articles of 2012.”

Dr. Vaccaro’s primary areas of expertise include the ways in which marketing strategy, innovation, entrepreneurship, and corporate social responsibility can help organizations achieve economic success, consumer and societal well-being, and environmental sustainability.

As an Associate Professor of Marketing, Dr. Vaccaro instructs students in Consumer Behavior, Advertising & Marketing Communications, Advertising Campaigns, Direct Marketing, Principles of Marketing, Sales Management, and B2B Marketing.

As a professor, her goal is to “encourage students to pursue worthwhile business endeavors that address socio-cultural, technological, economic, competitive, political/legal and ecological changes in a global environment – to help create a better quality of life and greater social justice in a more sustainable world.”