Eric Prentis

Office: GEH A405             Email:

Course:Fin4310: Money and Capital Markets; Fin4300 Investment and Portfolio Management; Fin3310: Management of Corporate Finance I; Fin3311: Management of Corporate Finance II

PhD in Finance, University of Houston
MBA, Boston University
BSIE, Northeastern University


Eric L. Prentis, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor of Finance at Kean University’s School of Business & Public Management, teaching at the satellite campus of Wenzhou-Kean University in Wenzhou, China. He is an expert on financial markets, energy markets, economics and policy, publishing in leading peer-reviewed journals. His two most recent publications in 2016 include: “Reconstructing Renewable Energy: Making Wind and Solar Power Dispatchable, Reliable and Efficient;” in the International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy, and “Leadership: A Case Study on the Importance of Ethics and Trust,” with Dr. Sunday E. Igoni, in the prestigious Journal of Business. In addition, he publishes numerous energy industry magazines articles. Dr. Prentis also publishes in high-ranking finance peer-reviewed journals on the stock market—and has written two books on the stock market: The Astute Investor and The Astute Speculator—as well as publishing many stock market magazine articles. Furthermore, he is a keynote speaker at investment conferences and an expert guest on financial radio programs. Dr. Prentis is an experienced and highly regarded teacher, emphasizing the Socratic Method, used at U.S. universities to stimulate students’ critical thinking and participation in classroom discussions, thereby supporting students’ creativity and innovation—and has been an Assistant Professor at the prestigious University of Southern California, Los Angeles California.