Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. Selected topics include but are not limited to: human nature, the nature of knowledge, perception, thinking, consciousness, language, learning and education, intelligence, memory, emotions, relationships, sexuality, development (social, emotional, cognitive, moral, spiritual), self-concept, self-esteem, motivation, aggression, personality (individual differences and similarities), prejudice, beliefs and attitudes, abnormal behavior, mental illness, adjustment, psychotherapy, evolution, heredity, hormones, brain-behavior relationships, dreaming and states of consciousness, and human and animal behavior.

The B.A. in Psychology is a comprehensive 124 semester hour (S.H.) program that is designed to provide a balanced education in the field of psychology through the required core courses and the selection of appropriate electives. Students in our program develop observational, research, analytical, and cognitive processing skills. Students graduating with majors in psychology are prepared to enter a wide range of employment areas, from public service positions in education, medicine, social services, criminology and the military to work in the corporate world, involved in human resources, training, group dynamics, efficiency studies and marketing. The psychology major at Wenzhou-Kean is one of our newest, developed in response to growing student interest on the WKU campus and on a national level. Our students from many majors have shown growing interest, as seen in the membership of the WKU PsyClub (Wechat Platform: WKUpsychology; QQ: 1913166157).

At Kean in New Jersey, the School of Psychology has grown exponentially over the last 40 years, with an undergraduate enrollment of over 1500 majors. WKU students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to study at Kean in New Jersey during their junior year to enjoy the expanded offering of courses. Pyschology majors are also recommended to take Field Experience in Psychology (PSY 4950) to gain first-hand experience working in some area of applied psychology.

At the graduate level, the following degrees are offered:
Combined School and Clinical Psychology (Psy.D.)
Forensic Psychology (M.A.)
Marriage and Family Therapy (Professional Diploma)
Psychology – Human Behavior and Organizational Psychology (M.A.)
Psychology – Psychological Services (M.A.)
School Psychology (Professional Diploma)


PSY 1000 General Psychology (3 S.H.)
Major Requirements
PSY 2000 Professional Psychology: Principles and Practices (3 S.H.)
PSY 3200 Psych Statistics (3 S.H.)
PSY 4200 Tests and Measurements (PSY 3200 pre-requisite) (3 S.H.)
PSY 4230 Experimental Psychology (PSY 3200 pre-requisite) (4 S.H.)
G.E. and Major Capstone
PSY 4940 Seminar: Contemporary Issues in Psychology (3 S.H.)
**In addition, students must take five courses from at least three areas that include Developmental, Theoretical, Applied, Social, and Mind/Brain as Major Electives (12 S.H.)
**The B.A. program also requires thirteen courses as electives, 50-percent of these must be at the 3000-4000 level; no more than 3 additional Psychology courses may be included in these electives.