Yiyu Chen has obtained her postgraduate diploma in social science education from The Education University of Hong Kong with distinguish. She had worked in Wenzhou City University before she joined Wenzhou-Kean University. She joined the Student Affairs Office of Wenzhou-Kean University in 2014, and responsible for the student groups, student events and the culture activity of exchange students.

She performs her work responsibly and patiently. She has high popularity among students. Moreover, she has obtained the title of “ten best advisor of new youth work into community” issued by Youth League Committee of Ouhai in 2015.

August Chen is a Residence Hall Director of Student Affairs Office at Wenzhou-Kean University. Before he joined Wenzhou-Kean University in August, 2015, he was an officer of Weizhou Tourist Area Management Committee of Beihai City in Guangxi province. August CHEN obtained his bachelor degree in bio-science from Soochow University and master degree in tourism management from South China University of Technology. He excels in Cantonese, is good at Chinese traditional culture and familiar with traditional Chinese medicine. Taichi, saxophone and bamboo flute are his hobbies. Badminton and volleyball are his sports. He devotes himself to promoting the exchange of eastern and western culture.

Hu Gangbo had worked in the Registrar’s Office at Wenzhou-Kean University in March, 2012. He transferred to the Student Affairs Office in July 2013, and served as Coordinator of Student Affairs in October 2015. From September 2016, he takes the role to lead the Youth League Committee. Hu Gangbo obtained his bachelor degree in international business from Institute of Technology Carlow, Ireland and master in Supply Chain Management from Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland. His research interests are Youth League Committee and student affairs.

Xin Huang joined Student Affairs Office of Wenzhou-Kean University as Residence Hall Director in October, 2016. He obtained his master degree from The University of Chichester in September, 2015. His major is Piano Performance and familiar with music. He is responsible for the operation of Bamboo Hall and also the activities in the residence halls. He has the passion of residential programs.

Chang Liu joined the Student Affairs Office of Wenzhou-Kean University in August, 2015. She is responsible for the Student Conduct and management of students now. Before participating in WKU, she worked and studied in Zhejiang Ze Shang law firm. She obtained her bachelor degree in maritime law from Dalian Maritime University in 2013. After that, she studied Chinese business law in the Chinese University of Hong Kong and got her master degree.

Nelson Lu, now a coordinator of Student Affairs Office, joined Wenzhou Kean University in January 2015. He obtained a master degree of International Business from La Trobe University, Australia in 2011, and then worked there for one and half year in Barrywells Pty, Ltd as a hotel manager. After he came back to China, Nelson had also worked in International Relations Office (IRO), in charge of American Affairs, and then Publicity Office (PO) at Wenzhou University. Upon his duty at IRO, he had worked on Friendly University Pair Program between Wenzhou University and Florida International University, and finally achieved a successful cooperation; he contributed to good causes which is caring cleft lip and palate children as well. For instance, Yuying Service Group and “Alliance of Smiles”; Upon his duty at PO, he had shoot more than 6000 photographs, receiving National Third Prize of College “Good News”, and ran Chaoyue Network, etc.

June Pu works for Student Affairs as Residence Program Assistant started from May, 2015.

June Pu was graduated from Vaasa University of Applied Sciences, majored in International Business, during the four years in Finland, she was the President of Student Union; Also, she interned in YAMAHA Motor as Export & Import Specialist, and worked for Coca-Cola Greater China as store leader of Coke Expo Project Group in 2010.

After graduation, she worked for Education First as Service Consultant in Guangzhou Center, Progress Manager in Shanghai Center, and Assistant Office Manager in Asia & Pacific Headquarters from 2010.

Minjie Wu is the Assistant Director of Student Affairs Office at Wenzhou-Kean University. She is focusing on creating leadership opportunities and programs for students and supporting the extra-curricular activities at WKU. Before joining in WKU, she worked for the Strategic Communication Division of the United Nations Headquarter in New York. She graduated from University of South Carolina with a Master’s degree in Mass Communication in 2009 and obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing at University of Tasmania in 2007.

Xiaoqin Xiang works as a counselor in the counseling center of Student Affairs Office since Jan, 2015. She earned her bachelor on Sociology in 2011 and master on Developmental Psychology in 2014 both from Central China Normal University. She is the holder of National Psychological Counselor (Level-2)   and she worked as an intern in Wenzhou Kangning Hospital to earn her clinical experience this June. Currently she joined the Family Therapy Class in Wenzhou Kangning Hospital.

Kcoco Xie is a Residence Hall Director of Student Affairs Office at Wenzhou-Kean University Since August 2016. Before that, Kcoco had been a PhD candidate of English Literature and Linguistics, and studied British and American Theatres; she also had been selected as a member of Fudan 13th Elite Program (Grade II), serving as a student counsellor and so on. Sponsored by Erasmus Mundus scholarship and others, she conducted researches in various regions and institutions, such Sweden, Singapore, USA, Germany, Taiwan and Shanghai Theatre Academy. In addition, she obtained rich intern experience at Fortune Global 500 GE China, Embassy of Sweden in Shanghai, and Shanghai Administration of Civil Service, etc.

Hongqing Yang is the Associate Director of Student Affairs Office at Wenzhou-Kean University. He worked in higher education and also high-tech sectors in China and Singapore before he joined Wenzhou-Kean University in August, 2015. Hongqing Yang obtained his bachelor degree in physics from China University of Geosciences and postgraduate diploma in systems analysis from National University of Singapore; he also received the Erasmus Mundus scholarship twice to study in France, Italy, Netherlands and Belgium; now he is also a doctoral candidate in education at The University of Nottingham Ningbo China. His research interests are internationalization of higher education and student affairs. He has also been serving as the board member of the Erasmus Mundus Students and Alumni Association Chinese Chapter since 2011.

Su Yi is the Coordinator of Student Affairs Office at Wenzhou-Kean University and the founder of Suntree Counseling Center, she is mainly responsible for the counseling service in Wenzhou-Kean University. Her master degree is clinical psychology and currently study with the renowned family therapist Lee Wai-Yung. Moreover, she is a part of Sino-German Structural Family Therapy class, and both the National Psychological Counselor (Level-2) and Registered Counselor holder. She worked as an intern in the counseling center is Kean University for 2 months and received the supervision of the Director in the center once a week which lasted for a half year. Aslo she is the member of AUCCCD ( America University committee of Counseling Center Directors). At the moment, she had received 500+ supervision hours and 1800+ counseling hours.

Min Yin is the staff of Student Affairs Office at Wenzhou-Kean University. She had worked as student counselor in Wenzhou University before she joined Wenzhou-Kean University in August, 2015. Min Yin obtained her bachelor degree in Teaching Chinese as second Language and Master Degree in comparative education from Zhejiang Normal University in 2004 and 2008.

Sisi Zhao works as a receptionist in the counseling center
of Wenzhou-Kean University from November, 2016. She obtained master degree of developmental and educational psychology from East China Normal
University 2012. She is a certified National Psychological Counselor(Level-2). During her postgraduate, and worked as administrative assistant and school counselor in the Counseling Center of East China Normal University,and participated in online counseling and individual counseling for undergraduates.