Instructions for Renting Graduation Gowns for 2020 Graduates

In order to do a good job in the distribution of graduation gowns for graduates in 2020, the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows: I. Graduates choose a corresponding graduation gown according to their major: Green hood: Finance, Accountin

Notice on Arrangement for WKU Students Returning to the Campus for Spring Term 2020

  Dear students, The COVID-19 pandemic has been our top concern since its outbreak and has significantly affected our study and life. With the joint efforts from Kean and Wenzhou-Kean, the University has made full use of its advantageous online

The Adjustments regarding the Application for WKU Graduate Programs

Being affected by the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (NCP), all recent TOEFL, IELTS, GRE tests at all test centers in China have been cancelled. Some applicants also have difficulty getting relevant documents from their universities due to campus closur

Notice on Waiver of Housing Fee During the Period of Containment of the Covid-19

Dear students, Currently, the University has been offering quality education through online courses in response to the containment of the Covid-19. We understand that all of you are staying and studying at home, instead of living on campus. Thus, the

WKU Summer and Fall 2018 Registration Information

Office of the Registrar GEH D 202, phone, 55870163 (Mon-Fri 8:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m. & 1:30 p.m. -4:30 p.m.)   You must register using KeanWISE during your priority dates as listed below. After your first registration, students may use KeanWISE to

Wenzhou-Kean University Recruitment Announcement

 温州肯恩大学招聘公告  温州肯恩大学,一所具有独立法人资格的中美合作大学,致力于“为不同的学生找到不同的发展方向”。来自五大洲的教职员和学生,造就了多元的校园文化,高效的工作管理团队,广阔的职业发展空间。现面向社会公开招聘岗位,我们欢迎世界各地认可


根据《温州肯恩大学招聘与选拔政策》有关规定,经报名、资格审核、面试考核等程序,拟录用下列人员,现予以公示。 公示时间从2017年11月28日起到2017年12月2日止。如有异议,请于2017年12月2日前以书面形式实名反馈至人力资源部或监察室。反映问


根据《温州肯恩大学招聘与选拔政策》有关规定,经报名、资格审核、面试考核等程序,拟录用下列人员,现予以公示。 公示时间从2017年11月28日起到2017年12月2日止。如有异议,请于2017年12月2日前以书面形式实名反馈至人力资源部或监察室。反映问

Employment Opportunities 招聘公告

温州肯恩大学招聘公告   温州肯恩大学,一所具有独立法人资格的中美合作大学,致力于“为不同的学生找到不同的发展方向”。来自五大洲的教职员和学生,造就了多元的校园文化,高效的工作管理团队,广阔的职业发展空间。现面向社会公开招聘岗位,我们欢迎世界各地认可

8 steps to download authorized Microsoft Office

As a Kean University community member, all Kean students are privileged to get free official MS office product. Here are 8 steps to download authorized Microsoft Office 2016. Step1 :Land the official website of office Step 2 Click Get Office for fre