Career Development

Notification on Study Abroad Program to Kean University for Spring 2019 Given that, Study Abroad Program to Kean University in 2017 has achieved excellent results and recognition, as well as has efficiently enhanced cooperation between Wenzhou-Kean University

Beyond the mountains and alongside WKU sits “Utopia”.

September 4, 2017 By the university’s gates opened a “Utopia”. Utopia Is a western restaurant. This name Is a name given by a

“Smart”Creation made by WKU | First national patent of WKU is inspired by……

The idea of magic tool that can hang four tops and two bottoms at the same time came from our dorm. Chen Zhilong, a senior student majoring in international finance, and Gao Ying, a graduate of 2017, got their national utility patent this March with

Creative maker challenge competition: Rack brains for 48 hours to make “creative idea” into “reality”

Last weekend, the first session of WKU 48-hour Creator Challenge Competition was hosted by WKU Career Development Center. 46 students in 10 groups from all grades and majors were required to make their “creative idea” into “reality” under the guide

Nearly Half WKU Graduates Choose to Further Their Education Overseas

  97 out of 213 graduates choose to further their education overseas, which makes up nearly 50% of the total graduates this year. On 10th May, a graduate destinations report was made during the 2017 WKU Graduation Season Press Conference. 142 ou

Makerspace Unveiled at Wenzhou-Kean University - by Nobel Prize Sharer

Collaborative office area, roadshow hall, peer sharing space and project exhibition area…all gatherer in the makerspace in Wenzhou-Kean University, and are now get ready to open. In the eye of Yan Zili, a sophomore student, “Kean’s makerspace f

Wenzhou Kean University Career Planning Public Lecture at Ouhai High School

On October 11th, Mr. Huang Xianbiao, Secretary of The Commission for Discipline Inspection of Wenzhou-Kean University and Mr. Wu Yuwei, faculty from Wenzhou Business School, delivered a career planning lecture at Ouhai High School. The hall was fully

Complimenting WKU Global Practica

  A few days ago, business and marketing Professor Vijay Patel received a thank-you letter from Mr. Du Yucong, the brand manager of Kangnai Group, a leading local Wenzhou shoe manufacturing enterprise. In this letter, he expressed his appreciati

Kean University Publishes Recruitment Advertisement for WKU

Last Monday, Kean University published a recruitment advertisement on the HighgerEdJobs and one of New Jersey’s most influential paper media Star-Ledger, looking for Global Human Resources Generalist for Wenzhou-Kean University. This position, Global