College of Business & Public Management

We, the faculty, administrators, and staff, are here connecting students and transforming lives.  That is the commitment we made for you.

– Dean Cao Jiang, Ph.D.

College of Business and Public Management at Wenzhou-Kean University is a dynamic learning environment dedicated to providing unique opportunities for both Chinese students and international learners. Globalization and the rapid diffusion of technological innovation present both opportunities and challenges to society. College of Business and Public Management seeks to provide an atmosphere which values high-quality faculty/student interaction and the production of intellectual contributions. Students can pursue careers in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. Students also have great opportunities to take part in a vigorous internship and cooperative education program with regional businesses.


Undergraduate Programs

College of Business and Public Management comprises five baccalaureate majors with six undergraduate options.

Contact Us

Dean’s Office: CBPM Building A509

Dean: CAO Jiang, Ph.D

Coordinator: WANG Yang

Department Services Specialist:

CHEN Yinyin & Lydia ZHU

Student Services Specialists:

HE Yanyan


SAC Email:

CBPM WeChat Official Account QR Code

Business Student Advisory Council, SAC

Business Student Advisory Council (SAC) represents the image of students in College of Business and Public Management. Elite student leaders usually recruited by invitation. We provide SAC with the extensive guidance and autonomy to organize diverse and activities and lectures, broaden the breadth of students’ knowledge, and enrich students’ campus life.


Facility of CBPM

The CBPM (College of Business and Public Management) Building is ready in Fall 2017, with a Bloomberg Financial Lab and many other world-class facilities and amenities. We’re proud to have a home that matches our growing reputation. It is more than a collection of classrooms and offices: it’s a bridge to the future of global business:

  • 5 floors
  • 14,000 gross square meters
  • 5-story, 2,500-square-foot atrium
  • 453-seat sloped auditorium
  • 110-seat multi-function auditorium
  • Six 64 seat case rooms
  • Two 72 seat case rooms
  • Capital Markets Trading Room
  • Bloomberg Lab with 12 terminals
  • 20+ breakout rooms
  • 12 interview/discussion rooms
  • Business Center for MBA students
  • 3,300-square-foot MBA Commons
  • Dean’s suite and board room
  • 5 departmental suites
  • 5 department chair offices
  • 6 director offices
  • 64 faculty offices
  • 5 faculty collaboration spaces
  • 9 general use conference rooms
  • Entrepreneurship Center
  • 4 mentor meeting rooms
  • Alumni lounge