Chemistry Laboratory

The chemical laboratory covers an area of more than 180 square meters. The multi-functional experimental design can not only satisfy the organic chemistry experiment, but also meet the inorganic chemistry experiment. It adopts a new air supply system to make the indoor gas exchange more efficient. The inorganic part adopts the universal exhaust hood, the organic part adopts fuming cupboard. The fume hood console adjusts the wind speed according to the number of experimental students and the amount of experiment. The experimental counter adopts all-steel structure, which can prolong the service life. The new reagent rack adopts the rare design style of domestic colleges and universities. The experimental bench is dedicated to the person and has sufficient experimental space. The chemical laboratory costs a total of more than 3.6 million yuan, with more than 2.3 million equipment, equipment including high-performance liquid chromatography, high-performance gas chromatography, infrared spectrophotometer, ultraviolet spectrophotometer, melting point instrument and other cutting-edge equipment. The current configuration is a relatively high level in the domestic scale laboratory, which can support the establishment of scientific experiments in our university, and at the same time lay a solid foundation for the development of science majors and the development of scientific research.

Instrument Introduction

Gas Chromatograph (Thermo Fisher)

Specification: thermos trace 1300

Country/Manufacturer: USA/Hangzhou Dingliang Technology Co., Ltd.

Applications: Gas chromatography is an important analytical technique for the separation of complex materials with very similar properties, which are widely used in the analysis of trace components. Mainly used for analysis of organic compounds, polymer materials, pesticides, plant components, air pollution, water pollution.

High-performance liquid chromatography (Waters)

Specification: waters e2695

Country/Manufacturer: USA/Hangzhou Dingliang Technology Co., Ltd.

Applications: HPLC is the most promising method for solving biochemical analysis problems. It has the advantages of high resolution, high sensitivity, fast speed, reusable column, and easy collection of effluent components. Widely used in biochemistry, food analysis, medical research, environmental analysis, inorganic analysis and other fields.

Ultraviolet spectrophotometer (Thermo)

Specification: Evolution 260

Country/Manufacturer: USA/Hangzhou Dingliang Technology Co., Ltd.

Applications: Ultraviolet spectrophotometers are an effective means of studying the composition, structure, and interaction of matter. It is widely used to identify substances, compare with standard and standard maps, compare the consistency of maximum absorption wavelength coefficient, purity test, speculation of molecular structure of compounds, and determination of hydrogen bond strength.

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer (Thermo Fisher)

Specification: NICOLET IS10

Country/Manufacturer: USA/Zhejiang Saiyin Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd.

Applications: Infrared spectrometers are widely used in electronics, chemical, medical and other fields. They can not only measure the absorption of various gases, solid and liquid samples, reflectance spectra, etc., but also can be used for short-term chemical reaction measurement.