Head of Digital Library & Collection Development
Office: GEH 302
Email: yangle@wku.edu.cn

YANG Le is the 17/18 President of Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA). He has been active with and providing services to CALA, IFLA, ALA, JCLC, and ACRL. Yang’s research interests include digital librarianship, digital asset metadata, Internet discovery of digital resources, data management, and web analytics. His research has been published in various scholarly journals and presented at national and international conferences. He has also served as editorial board member, guest editor, and reviewer for several journals in the field of library and information science. He is actively engaged with and leading research grant activities. Before joining WKU, Yang worked at Texas Tech University Libraries as the Head of Digital Lab and earned his tenure as a library science faculty .

杨乐,国际图联(IFLA)常设委员会委员、 美国大学和研究图书馆学会(ACRL)常设委员会委员 、美国图书馆协会(ALA)常设委员会委员、 美国华人图书馆员协会(CALA)17/18届会长兼董事会主席。杨乐的研究领域为数字图书馆建设、元数据和互联网发现、科研数据管理等,研究成果均发表于国际学术期刊(SSCI)和国际会议学术报告;获得美国州部级科研项目基金三个;获得国家级协会颁发的最佳研究奖和表彰奖、州级别学会颁发的科技创新奖、入选德克萨斯州理工大学Barnie E. Rushing Jr.最佳研究教授表彰名单,并获得终身副高级职称。目前在多个学术期刊(SSCI)当任专家组成员、特刊编辑、和审稿组成员。

科研基金 Research Funding

  • Co-PI. Wenzhou-Kean University. A Pathway to Digital Humanities Research. RMB 10,240. [Funded. Mar. 15 2018]
  • PI. Texas CH Foundation, Inc. Immersive VR Experience for Teaching, Learning, and Research. USD 17,000. [Funded. Jul. 11 2017]
  • Co-PI. Texas Tocker Foundation. Digital Lab Equipment Upgrade. USD 40,210. [Funded. Mar. 24 2017]
  • Co-PI. 13%. Texas State Library and Archives Commission. SHAPES: Sharing and Helping Academics Prepare for Education Success. USD 74,406. [Funded. Sep. 1 2016]

学术论文 Refereed Publications ( * 所标为通讯作者 Corresponding Author)

  • Yang, L. & Perrin, J. (2017). Editorial Introduction to the Special Issue of “Digital Collection Metadata & Internet Discovery.” Journal of Web Librarianship, 11(3-4), 153-156. [DOI: 10.1080/19322909.2017.1383136].
  • Wu, J. & Yang, L.* (2017). Modeling Time-to-Acceptance for ISI-Indexed Journals in the Profession of Library & Information Science. International Journal of Librarianship, 2(2), 62-83. [DOI: 10.23974/ijol.2017.vol2.2.22].
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  • Perrin, J., Yang, L.*, Barba, S., & Winkler, H. (2017). All that Glitters isn’t Gold: The Complexities of Usage Statistics as an Assessment Tool for Digital Libraries. The Electronic Library, 35(1), 185-197. [DOI: 10.1108/EL-09-2015-0179]. (SSCI)
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会议报告 Conference Presentation (* 所标为会议主持 Panel Moderator | 所标为受邀演讲 Invited Presentation)

  • Wu, J., & Yang, L. (2018). Time-to-Acceptance Modeling for SSCI Journals of Library and Information Science. Chinese Library Conference – The Annual Conference of the Library Society of China and Chinese Library Exhibition, Langfang, Hebei, China.
  • Yang, L. (2018). EZproxy Integration for Better User Experience. OCLC (China) Annual Conference, Shanghai, China.
  • Yang, L. (2017). Academic and Research Information Service in the Age of Internet Plus. The Eighth Forum on China-American Library Practice, Kunming, Yunnan, China.
  • Eden, B., Ke, H., Wang, L., Wang, Z., Yang, L.*, & Zhang, F. (2017). Panel: Internet + Information Services – Chinese American Librarians Association Annual Program. American Library Association Conference, Chicago, IL.
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  • Yang, L., & Perrin, J. (2014). Tutorials on Web Analytics: How to Conduct a Web Analytics Report on the Library Website. Texas Library Association Conference, San Antonio, TX
  • Barba, S., Perrin, J., Starcher, C., Winkler, H., & Yang, L. (2013). Panel: Perspectives on Preservation Strategies for Digital Content: Lessons Learned. Texas Conference on Digital Libraries, Austin, TX.

学术兼职 Journal Positions

  • Journal of Web Librarianship: 专家组成员、特刊专题主编、审稿组成员
    主编专题:Digital Collection Metadata and Internet Discovery [2017. Vol. 11 Issue 3-4]
  • Information & Learning Science: 特刊专题主编
  • International Journal of Librarianship: 专家组成员、审稿组成员
  • College & Research Libraries (SSCI): 审稿组成员
  • Library Hi Tech (SSCI): 审稿组成员
  • The Electronic Library (SSCI): 审稿组成员
  • Journal of Librarianship & Scholarly Communication: 审稿组成员

技术开发项目 Technological Development

  • 2016年9月 – 2017年8月 | 项目名称:SHAPES
    所在学校:Texas Tech University
    项目描述:SHAPES的全称是Sharing and Helping Academics Prepare for Education Success。SHAPES由德克萨斯州政府的科研基金支持研发。我们的团队意在开发一个存储3D数据模型的数据库,从而可以在全州内的州立大学和博物馆,对文物和3D模型进行资源整合,有效的在州立大学之间进行资源对接,有效的支持教学和科研。SHAPES项目被Digital Library Federation (美国数字图书馆联盟) 作为重点项目介绍,录制视频并发布在官网博客上。
  • 2014年9月 – 2015年9月 | 项目名称:SAVE
    所在学校:Texas Tech University
    项目描述:SAVE的全称是Streaming Audio & Video Experience。这是一个集毕业论文的提交,发表,存储,和发现的数字系统。兼容各种文件格式,包括音乐学院和舞蹈学院的毕业项目。此系统还被用于本大学的文档存储,会议记录,视频记录,交响乐音乐会等历史文件。此平台利用三个不同的服务器,把发现系统,发表系统,和存储系统分开,同时在服务器上对文件进行加密,在发现系统和发表系统上要求用户必须有学校的用户名和密码,从而有效的解决了文件的版权问题。SAVE团队在2017年获得了德克萨斯州数字图书馆联盟颁发的科技创新奖。

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