Our Mission
The Wenzhou-Kean University Alumni Association’s purpose is to promote the growth, status, and mission of the University; to act as a liaison between the alumni and the University community; and to develop alumni services as a means of encouraging alumni to maintain a continuing relationship with the University, its students, programs, and events. The mission of the Alumni Association is to foster alumni loyalty, involvement, and support.

The Alumni Association is governed by the Executive Board, broadly representative of the whole alumni body. This elected group of dedicated alumni volunteers consists of individuals whose lives have been enriched by Wenzhou-Kean University, who take pride in their university’s accomplishments, and who wish to maintain a strong personal and professional tie with their alma mater. The Association’s Executive Board and its committees meet regularly to plan programs and interact with the University community. The Alumni Association works jointly with the University to offer a wide variety of programs, activities and services to encourage continued alumni involvement.

How Can I Get Involved? 
Please contact the Alumni Relations Office at +86-577 5587 0132 or email alumni@wku.edu.cn to get started!

Alumni Relations