Sino-US Calligraphy and Painting Institute/
“Donation One Day Of Your Income” activity (Frank Wang, Philip Connelly, Huang Xianbiao, Ying Yonghong, and 73 WKU staff)
Ouhai Rural Commercial Bank
Zhejiang Zhengtai Charity Foundation
Mr.Feng Dingxian
Zhejiang Josiny Holdings Co., Ltd.
Wenzhou Motor Vehicle Driver Training Industry Association
Qiaomei Real Estate Co., Ltd. Mr. Wang Rongdi
Dr. Wang Jia
Mr. Yang Ming
Mr. Weng Yinqiao and Ms. Hu Lingling, Mr. Weng Yintong and Ms. Pan Yuenan
DaFa Land Group
Youyi Graphic Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Founding Electronics Co., Ltd.


UCK International Education Development Center
TSINGSHAN Charitable Foundation
Zhejiang Xinbang Holding Group
Dr. Zheng Xiaodong
Semir Garment Co., Ltd.
Huafon Group
Zhejiang Weiming Environmental Protection Co., Ltd.
Hobby Pen Industry Co., Ltd.
Mr. Xu Gongde
Dongyi Shoes Industry


Huafon Group

This list is up to 12/31/2017.