Lu Shanzhen

LU Shanzhen (born November, 1939) is a PhD supervisor who serves as the Chancellor of Wenzhou-Kean University, Deputy Director of Beijing Normal University (BNU) Academic Affairs Committee and a professor of the Department of Mathematics in BNU. LU was born in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. After graduating from the Department of Mathematics of East China Normal University in 1961, LU worked as a lecturer in the Department of Mathematics of Beijing Normal University in the same year. His career developed from a lecturer in BNU to a professor, Director of Mathematics and Mathematics Education Research Institute, and President of Beijing Normal University. LU was a visiting scholar to Washington University in St. Louis from 1980 to 1982, and was promoted as a professor in May, 1983. He became a PhD Supervisor in January, 1984.

LU’s research focuses are harmonic analysis and functional approximation theory. LU has published more than 200 theses (including co-authored ones) in both Chinese and International mathematics periodicals. He has also published 7 books (including co-authored ones), 5 of which are written in English. LU was awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award of the State Education Commission (1985), the First Prize for Progress in Science and Technology of The State Education Commission (1988), the Fourth Prize of the National Prize for Natural Science (1989), the Second Prize of the National Prize for Natural Science nominated by the Ministry of Education (2003), the Young and Middle-Aged Expert Nationally Acknowledged for their Outstanding Achievements (1990), and the National Outstanding Science and Technology Worker of Higher Education (1990).