Ms. Lin Yangfan graduated from Department of Finance, Nankai University with a Bachelor’s degree, and earned her Master’s degree in accounting and finance from Birmingham University, UK after working in a bank for a year.
She was employed as a faculty member by Wenzhou University after she returned from UK, and taught in Wenzhou University for 3 years. She joined in Wenzhou Education Bureau in 2006 for the initiative of establishment of Wenzhou-Kean University. Having been witnessing and participating in the establishment and development of WKU since the very beginning, she has dedicated her expertise in various areas in the university administration. After WKU was established, she was appointed through various positions, including head of Office of International Exchange and Cooperation, Executive Assistant to the Board of Directors, Director of Finance in the past 7 years. Now she is appointed as Chief Financial Officer, and oversees all financial issues of the university.