WKU aims to develop a community of learning, communication, entertatinment and rest. For more information about student community, please visit residence halls

Moving in
The accommodation for freshmen are arranged by the University, accommodation for returned students from study abroad, absence should apply to Residence Hall Director via reslife@wku.edu.cn in advance of one week.

Moving out
students who are exchanged to other colleges, off-campus living, probation, withdrawal and graduation should apply for moving out. For those live in the residence hall less than one academic year, the accommodation fee refers to Implementation Rules of Interim Policy on Tuition and Fees.

Room Changing
Student may apply to change room if there is room available and meet the rules set up by the University.

Absence from Campus
During the semester, students who will be absent from campus over three day should fill in the Absence Form and send it to reslife@wku.edu.cn for record.
        Note: students should get approval from faculty if there are classes.

Contact Numbers
Desk Assistant of Plum Hall: 5587 0147
Desk Assistant of Orchid Hall: 5587 0138
Desk Assistant of Bamboo Hall: 5587 0139
Desk Assistant of Chrysanthemum Hall: 5587 0146
Facilities Maintenance: 5587 0909
Network Support: 5587 0707
Health Center: 5587 0120
Campus Safety: 5587 0110
24-hour Duty Phone: 5587 0128

Coordinator: Nelson Lv