Mission & Vision


WKU is an educational institution committed to preparing high-performing Chinese and international students to become innovative and entrepreneurial leaders in a knowledge-based economy. It will contribute to China’s educational reform and serve as a model for other Chinese-American higher education initiatives.


As a leading World-Class Teaching University with a modern campus, WKU aspires to serve as an incubator for promoting technological and scientific progress in Zhejiang Province, and as a center for fostering cultural exchange between China and the United States.




Major Events

October, 2016 In October, Mr. Zhu Yongbin, party member of Zhejiang Provincial Construction department and Director of the Provincial Construction Administration Bureau, visited Wenzhou Kean University and offered guidance on EPC approach in the future campus construction.
September, 2016 On September 28, Mr. LiuXiping, General Director of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education and Ms. Zheng Zhaoyang , Deputy Mayor of Wenzhou visited Wenzhou Kean University.
On September 15, Overseas Chinese College of Wenzhou Kean University was officially established on the World Wenzhouese Conference.
On September 1, Mr. Philip Connelly, the Executive Vice President of Operations at Kean University assumed the position as Executive Vice Chancellor of Wenzhou-Kean University. Mr. Connelly emphasized the importance of the WKU 2015-2020 Strategic Plan. He encouraged all WKU community work hard toward building a world-class university.
August, 2016 On August 2, 2016 Overseas Chinese youth “China Roots Trip”–Wenzhou Kean University Branch Summer Camp opened at the University. The event aimed to help overseas Chinese youths experience and pass on Chinese culture and heritage.
June, 2016 On June 3, Mr. Li Qiang, Governor of Zhejiang Province met with Dr. Farahi, President of Kean USA. Mr. Li recognized the achievement that Wenzhou Kean University has gained.
May, 2016 On May 28, Wenzhou-Kean University (WKU) held its Inaugural Commencement. Examples of Chinese and Western cultural integration could be found throughout the occasion. The first class of 187 graduating students were conferred the diploma and received the degrees. Mr. Zhang Geng, Deputy Party Secretary and Mayor attended this event and made an address. Representatives from Kean University USA, Wenzhou Kean University, Wenzhou University and Consulate General of the United States in Shanghai, attended the graduation, together with municipal leaders Mrs. Li Xiuzheng and Mrs. Zheng Zhaoyang attended this event.
On May 23, Mr. Zhao Hongzhu, Member of Secretariat of the CPC Central Committee and Deputy Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Central Committee of the CPC, met with and hosted a banquet for the Kean University delegation led by Dr. Dawood Farahi. Mr. Liu Jianchao, Deputy Director of National Bureau of Corruption Prevention and Director of International Bureau of the Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Central Committee of the CPC, Mr. Liu Jianwei, Vice Governor of Zhejiang Province, Mr. Jin Yonghui, Director of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Foreign Affairs and Overseas Chinese Affairs and Mr. Xie Yuhua, Inspector of General Office of the Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Central Committee of the CPC also attended the meeting.
Secretary Zhao expressed his appreciation for Dr. Farahi’s contribution to the development of Sino-US cooperative education and sincere hopes to the development of the university and its first cohort of graduates.
On May 11, Mr. Zhang Geng, Deputy Party Secretary and Mayor led a delegation to visit Wenzhou Kean University.
April, 2016 In April, Wenzhou-Kean University welcomed 161 high school seniors from different regions of Zhejiang Province to take part in its Three-in-One admissions examinations.
(Combining candidates’ performance in high school evaluation tests, recruitment interviews by the university and the national college entrance exam)
March, 2016 On March 10, the Communist Youth League of Wenzhou held a tree planting activity at Wenzhou Kean University. Mr. Wang Yang, Deputy Director of the United Front Work Department of Central Communist Youth League, Mr. Ren Yumin, Member of the Municipal Standing Committee, Mr. Zhuo Gaozhu, Deputy Director of Municipal People’s Congress, Mr. Wang Yiqi, the Vice-Chairman of the Municipal CPPCC and Chairman of Wenzhou Trade Union, together with 500 local students took part in the activity.
On March 1, Mr. HaoPing, Deputy Minister of Education, Mr. LiuXiping,Director of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education and Mr. XuLiyi, and Secretary of Municipal Party Committee of Wenzhou led a delegation to visit Wenzhou Kean University.
February, 2016 Wenzhou-Kean University held the Chinese Traditional Culture Exhibition: Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Artists at Campus. Twenty artists were invited to this event, including Mr. Lin Jiandan, Honorary President of Wenzhou Painting and Calligraphy Academy, Mr. He Yuanlong, Honorary Chairman of the Wenzhou Calligraphy Association, and Mr. Wu Pinzhen, the Chairman of the Wenzhou Calligraphy Association.
December, 2015 On December 4th, WKU was recognized as the “2015 Most Influential Sino-foreign Cooperative University in China” at the Xinhua Education forum-Voice of Education conference.
November, 2015 On November 15, the 2015 Wenzhou-Kean University Board of Directors Meeting was held. The meeting unanimously approved to appoint Mr. Wang Beijiao as the Chair of Wenzhou-Kean University Board of Directors.
November, 2015 From November 15 to 17, the 6th Annual Conference on Chinese-Foreign Cooperation in Running Schools (CFCRS) was held at Wenzhou-Kean University. Deputy Mayor of Wenzhou Municipality Ms. Zheng Chaoyangand Mr. Zhang Xinsheng, Chairman of China Education Association for International Exchange and Mr. Qu Zhengyuan, Chairman of China Association of Higher Education attended thie event. Mr.Philip Connelly, Vice President for Operations at Kean University recalled his involvement in the conception, development and growth of Wenzhou-Kean University; and Mr. Qian Qiang, Vice Chancellor of WKU, introduced the characteristics of the University.
November, 2015 From November 12-19, Wenzhou-Kean University student Xia Xue attended the 23th APEC Youth Camp in the Philippines, as a Voice of the Future Chinese youth representative.
October, 2015 On October 28, The American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai celebrated its 100th anniversary in Shanghai. More than 500 members and government officials from China and US attended the reception banquet. A delegation from Wenzhou-Kean University led by Mr. Philip Connelly, Executive Vice President of Kean University, Mr. Qian Qiang, Vice Chancellor of Wenzhou-Kean Univesity, and Dr. Michael Cooper, Dean of College of Business at Kean University, attended the event.
October, 2015 On October 14, Vice-Secretary of the Wenzhou Party Committee and acting Mayor Mr. XU Liyi led a delegation to visit the Kean University campus in Union, New Jersey. Both Chinese and Kean University representatives expressed they would try their utmost to support Wenzhou-Kean University and build it into a world-class educational institution and a successful example of China-US education partnership. Meanwhile, the Education Bureau of Wenzhou Municipality signed a Framework Agreement on China-US Wenzhou Elementary Education Internationalization.
September, 2015 In September, the new students’ residents were putted into use. In accordance of the principle of “Chinese layout and Western Architect”, the buildings were named after “Plum Hall”, “Orchid Hall”, “Bamboo Hall” and “Chrysanthemum Hall”.
September, 2015 On September 28, during the 20th anniversary celebration of the Wenzhou Chambers of Commerce, Mr. Chen Yixin, member of Zhejiang Provincial Standing Committee and Secretary of Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee, unveiled the nameplate of the Wenzhou Institute for Commerce and Entrepreneurship (WICE), Wenzhou-Kean University.
September, 2015 On September 28, President Xi Jinping attended the 3rd China-US Governors’ Forum and delivered a speech. In the speech, President Xi referred to Wenzhou-Kean University and said, “The university is running and making good progress.”
August, 2015 In the afternoon of August 24, Wenzhou-Kean delegation led by Mr. James McGreveey, former Governor of New Jersey and Board Member of WKU, visited Zhejiang Provincial Department of Science and Technology. The delegation exchanged ideas on enhancing the province-state cooperation between Zhejiang and New Jersey and the progress of Wenzhou-Kean University serving as the platform for the province-state cooperation.
August, 2015 On August 21, Mr. Xu Liyi, Acting Mayor of the Wenzhou Municipal Government visited WKU. During his visit he emphasized that the Wenzhou Government was, is and will be responsible for WKU. The development of WKU is placed as a top priority. Investment in campus buildings and surrounding facilities construction will be increased. In a word, the municipal government will always support WKU in its construction and growth.
August, 2015 On August 13, Wenzhou-Kean University awarded Honorary Professorship to Dr. Lin Jianhai, Secretary of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).
July, 2015 In the afternoon of July 13 America EST, Ambassador Zhang Qiyue, Consul General of the People’s Republic of China in New York, visited Kean University. Educational Counsellor Mr. Xu Yongji, Consul Mr. Chang Quansheng and Vice Consul Mr. Zhu Jianzhen accompanied her visit. On behalf of Kean University, President Dr. Dawood Farahi and Executive Vice President Mr. Philip Connelly received the delegation.
June, 2015 On June 22, Madame Liu Yandong, Vice Premier of the People’s Republic of China, visited Baker Institute for Public Policy at Rice University. In her keynote address, she said that Chinese and American universities are ‘binding force’ for breaking new grand for China-US cooperation in higher education. She pointed out China-US cooperative universities, including NYU Shanghai, Duke Kunshan University and Wenzhou-Kean University, are great models of the China-US complementary cooperation.
May, 2015 From May 24 to May 15, Chair of University Council Mr. Wang Beijiao and Vice Chancellor Dr. Holger and Executive Vice President at Kean University Mr. Philip Connelly attended the Inaugural Meeting & Second Council Meeting of Sino-Foreign Cooperative University Union, namely the Sino-Foreign Cooperative University Presidents Forum. Mr. Wang delivered a speech titled ‘Enhancing the Advantages of Cooperative Education and Exploring a Talent Cultivation Model to Serve the Regional Development’.
April, 2015 On April 2, Prof. Guo Feng from National Academy of Educational Administration visited Wenzhou-Kean University. After the campus tour and a brief introduction of the university, the 2 parties exchanged ideas of developing and operating the university.
March, 2015 On March 29, examinees from Zhejiang Province took the “3 in 1 Admission” in Wenzhou-Kean University.
March, 2015 On March 20, Ms. Maxine Griffith, Executive Vice President of Columbia University, visited Wenzhou-Kean University. She gave a lecture of The University and the City: A Partnership for Growth.
March, 2015 In March 2015, Wenzhou-Kean University received 7 international students from Kean University; they are the first cohort of international students of the university.
February, 2015 On February 22, On February 22, Mr. Li Qiang, Governor and Deputy Secretary of theCPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee and Mr. Chen Yixing, member of the Zhejiang Provincial Standing Committee of the CPC and secretary of the Wenzhou Municipal Committee of the CPC visited WKU. Li Qiang suggested that WKU’s development should depend on a clear understanding of its identity and finding its right position in the education landscape so that the university can attract and graduate more and better true elites.
January, 2015 In the afternoon of January 18, Mr. Zhang Fangzhang, Vice Chair of Wenzhou Municipal People’s Political Consultative Conference and Chair of Wenzhou Institute of Architectural Culture, meet with Mr. David Mohney, Dean of School of Architecture and Design at Kean University. After the meeting, Mr. Mohney gave a lecture of Architecture, Urbanism and Public Spaces: Design for People.
January, 2015 On January 1, Mr. Lu Guohao, Deputy Director-General of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Foreign Affairs and Oversea Chinese Affairs visited Wenzhou-Kean University. After received an introduction of the university, he noted that the Provincial Foreign Affairs will continually support the development of Wenzhou-Kean University and hoped the university shall fully utilize the advantage of the sister province-state relationship between Zhejiang and New Jersey.
December, 2014 On December 30th, Mr. Chen Yixin, Member of Standing Committee of Zhejiang Provincial Committee of the CPC and Secretary of Wenzhou Municipal Committee of the CPC, met with Mr. James McGreevey, former Governor of New Jersey and member of Wenzhou-Kean University Board of Directors. Both parties proposed a plan that utilizing Wenzhou-Kean University as a platform to enhance the cooperation between New Jersey and Zhejiang Province.
December, 2014 On December 5th, Hanscom Smith, U.S. Consul General in Shanghai visited WKU and had a panel discussion on how to enhance the educational and cultural exchanges between China and U.S.
November, 2014 On November 16th, WKU held China-US Forum on Higher Education and Regional Development. Mr. Cen Jianjun, Director General of the Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges of Ministry of Education, Mr. Chen Yixin, Secretary of Wenzhou Municipal Committee of the CPC, former New Jersey Governor and other officials and influential people from both China and U.S. attended the forum. During the forum, Dr. Farahi was conferred of Wenzhou Honorary Citizenship.
September, 2014 On September 12th, WKU had its first Opening Ceremony after the official establishment. 430 freshmen, who are the first-tier candidates of Collage Entrance Examination from 6 provinces of China, attended the ceremony. Secretary of Wenzhou Municipal Committee of the CPC Mr. Chen Yixin delivered a speech at the ceremony.
August, 2014 On August 28th, Mr. Chen Jinbiao, Deputy Secretary of Wenzhou Municipal Committee of the CPC and Mayor of Wenzhou City, chaired an investigation meeting on the construction and development of WKU. Mr. Chen pointed out that being distinctive is the life and competitive power of a university, so that Wenzhou-Kean University shall speed up its pace to establish a university with distinctive features of openness and internationalization. WKU will be a good model of China- Foreign cooperative university.
August, 2014 In early August, the new leadership of Wenzhou-Kean University was appointed. Mr. Wang Beijiao, Vice-secretary-general of Wenzhou Municipal Committee of the CPC and Director of Wenzhou Municipal CPC Committee Office, was appointed as the Secretary of WKU CPC Committee and Chair of University Council of WKU. Mr. Qian Qiang was appointed as Deputy Secretary of WKU CPC Committee and Vice Chair of University Council of WKU. Mr. Zeng Ruihua was appointed as member of WKU CPC Committee and Vice Chair of University Council of WKU. Vice Mayor Mr. Kong Hailong attended the meeting and delivered a speech.
July, 2014 On July 28th, Mr. Zheng Jiwei, Vice Governor of Zhejiang Province, Mr. Chen Yixin, Secretary of Wenzhou Municipal CPC Committee, Mr. Chen Jinbiao, Mayor of Wenzhou City and other provincial and municipal officials met with Dr. Farahi, President of Kean University. The two parties exchanged views on further strengthening the bilateral cooperation and how to establish Wenzhou-Kean University as a world-class higher education institution. They also reached consensus on the issues such as campus construction, organizational structure, management and faculty recruitment.
July, 2014 On July 11th, the establishment of Wenzhou-Kean University was listed as one of the 104 Achievements of the fifth round of China-U.S. People-to-People and cultural exchanges, which is Zhejiang’s only educational project on the list.
June, 2014 On June 23rd, Michael Graves, Master of Architect and emeritus professor from Princeton University, was invited to guide the planning of Wenzhou-Kean University’s campus construction. Prof. Graves agreed to name the University’s School of Architecture and Design after him. Prof. Graves also met with Mr. Chen Yixin, Secretary of Municipal Committee of the CPC, during his visit in Wenzhou.
June, 2014 On June 6th, Mr. Chen Yixin, Secretary of Wenzhou Municipal Committee of the CPC, chaired a working meeting on construction and development of Wenzhou-Kean University. Mr. Chen pointed out that the communication between Chinese and American parties shall be deepened and constructive suggestions from American party shall also be adopted and respected, and campus planning and construction shall be well conducted.
May,2014 From May 24th to June 3rd, Wenzhou-Kean University held activities of China-US University Sports and Cultural Exchanges. A 37-member Kean Soccer Team from the United States visited Beijing, Hangzhou and Wenzhou and played friendship match respectively with Beijing Sport University, Zhejiang University and United Team of Universities in Wenzhou.
April,2014 On April 24th, Deputy Mayor Mr. KONG Hailong gathered related municipal governing departments, reviewing issues relating the University development.
April,2014 On April 1st, the Revolutionary Committee of Chinese Kuomintang Vice Chairperson Mr. ZHENG Jianbang, and All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese Vice Chairperson Ms. KANG Xiaoping visited Wenzhou-Kean. Mr. ZHENG pointed out the innovative practice of WKU Project offers reference and experience for educational reform in China.
March,2014 On March 31st, State MOE officially approved the formal establishment of Wenzhou-Kean University, making it the first Sino-US University in Zhejiang.
March,2014 On March 23rd, WKU organized its first Open House Weekend.
March,2014 WKU held a special meeting to coordinate issues relating to planning extract 330 acres campus land being recently permitted. The meeting clarified the chief principle of developing a world-class institute to all related to issues.
February,2014 Zhejiang Foreign Affairs Department Associate Director Mr. LU Guohao visited Wenzhou-Kean Uni, hoping WKU being a model project for internationalization of education in China.
February,2014 WKU won a Distinct Award in Performance Administrative Assessment in Wenzhou.
February,2014 Municipal CPC Party Secretary Mr. CHEN Yixin reviewed and studied issues related to the development of WKU. He emphasized that the University shall be developed into a successful model of Sino-US cooperation in education aiming at world-class standard as well as with considerations from national and local conditions. He also commented that the University shall jointly work with the city and create a unique campus.
December,2013 WKU was reviewed by MOE expert panel. Prof. HUANG Wei, leading figure of the panel, highly commented those achievements made by WKU in two years of preparation.
November,2013 Provincial CPC Party Committee Educational Working Committee Deputy Secretary General and Provincial Education Department Deputy Director Mr. JIANG Shengxiang visited WKU, extended his hopes to the development of the University, making it the unique practice in Chinese-American Education.
November,2013 Shanghai US Consulate General Mr. Griffiths visited WKU, and delivered a speech on Sino-US relations.
November,2013 Wenzhou-Kean Uni (in-prep) held its second round of 2013 Board meeting in Kean USA.
October,2013 Provincial Governor of Zhejiang welcomed Dr. Farahi, and extended his hopes towards Wenzhou-Kean in developing world-class education program and campus facilities, in order to provide talents in need for serving for the regional development in Zhejiang.
October,2013 Dr.Farahi, President of Kean University, US, and Dr. Michael Middaugh, the Observer from Middle States Commission on Higher Education visited Wenzhou-Kean Uni.
October,2013 New campus inauguration, welcome reception for 2013 new student cohort.
August,2013 Provincial CPC Party Committee Educational Working Committee Secretary General and Provincial Education Department Chief Director Mr. LIU Xiping visited Wenzhou-Kean Uni, highlighted the University’s commitment to student-oriented approach, innovative pedagogical practice, high standard and unique school running, making this university as a successful model for Chinese-Foreign cooperation in education.
August,2013 Municipal CPC Party Secretary Mr. CHEN Yixin visited Wenzhou-Kean Uni, emphasized the importance of “University-City Cooperation” through high education process.
August,2013 Orientation for the new student cohort, and all the students were assigned within a three-week English Enhancement Program.
July,2013 The bench marks for admitting both Arts and Sciences students in 2013 through College Entrance Examination were resealed. All the intended 240 students were recruited from Tier 1 in Zhejiang.
July,2013 The first batch of students from Wenzhou-Kean University attended a six-week summer English Immersion and Cultural Exchange Program in Kean USA.
May,2013 Successful completion of the Roof Sealing for the 1st Phase of WKU’s 1st bidding section.
May,2013 Mr. ZHAO Hongzhu, current member of the secretariat of the Central CPC Committee and Deputy Secretary of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection met with President of Kean University Dr. Farahi and Kean Delegation.
May,2013 Mr. XIA Baolong met with President of Kean University Dr. Farahi and Kean Delegation.
May,2013 A Sino-US Cultural and Economic cooperation dialogue was held in Wenzhou. Municipal governors and Dr. Dawood Farahi President of Kean University delivered a keynote address at the conference.
May,2013 The Wenzhou-Kean University Board meeting was held in Wenzhou with all fifteen members (8 Chinese members and 7 American Members) attended.
April,2013 Ministry of Education approved the application of offering four major programs in 2013 admissions of Wenzhou-Kean Project, i.e. International Business, Economics, English and Computer Science with an intended number of 240 students in total.
January,2013 The first student cohort finished their first semester in WKU.
January,2013 Successfully completed the Pile-laying Project of the First Phase of WKU’s First Bidding Section.
December,2012 The Student Branch of Wenzhou-Kean University CPC Committee held its 1st conference meeting.
December,2012 The Staff Branch of Wenzhou-Kean University CPC Committee held its 1st conference meeting.
December,2012 The Staff Union of Wenzhou-Kean University held its 1st conference meeting.
November,2012 Thanks Giving events at Wenzhou-Kean University
November,2012 the Communist Youth League of Wenzhou-Kean University (in preparation) held the conference for all the Youth League Members.
October,2012 The Secretary of the CPC Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and the Chair of the Zhejiang Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee Mr. ZHAO Hongzhu met with Dr. Dawood Farahi and his delegation from Kean University.
September,2012 Wenzhou-Kean Cooperative Project’s new student opening ceremony. Standing Committee member of CPC Provincial Committee, secretary of CPC municipal committee. Chen Derong attended and delivered speech at the ceremony.
September, 2012 Wenzhou-Kean University Chancellor’s Inauguration Ceremony. Formal chancellor of Beijing Normal University, the renowned mathematician Professor Lu Shanzhen was appointed to be the first chancellor of Wenzhou-Kean University.
August, 2012 Wenzhou-Kean University (in preparation) laid the trial pile for the first phase of the first bidding section.
July, 2012 Wenzhou-Kean University (in preparation) started to enroll students in the name of the China-US Cooperative Kean Project, 204 freshmen 3 majors in total with an auspicious beginning.
April, 2012 The design project of Wenzhou-Kean University announced to bid globally, and the Architectural Design Institute of South China University of Technology came out on top in the bidding competition among the seven highly qualified Chinese and foreign architectural design firms.
March, 2012 The Ground-breaking Ceremony of Wenzhou-Kean University (in preparation) was launched. Zhao Hongzhu, Secretary of CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee and Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress; Hao Ping, vice minister from Ministry of Education, unveiled the nameplate of Wenzhou-Kean University (in preparation) together.
November, 2011 The Ministry of Education of People’s Republic of China approved to establish the Wenzhou-Kean University (in preparation), which is one of the two China-US cooperative universities shared with legal person status to date.
October, 2010 The Vice Governor and secretary of CPC municipal committee Chen Derong received the delegation of Kean University, been clear about the determination and demands of establishing the Wenzhou-Kean University, preliminarily planned to situate the Li’ao town, Ou hai district of Wenzhou with a total sum of 1.5 billion (Approximately $234.4 million) Yuan for the campus construction.
October, 2010 The delegation of the Kean University led by the president Dawood Farahi visited Zhejiang received by the Secretary of CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee. Zhao Hongzhu said that the establishment of Wenzhou-Kean University is fully supported by the CPC Zhejiang Committee and the Provincial Government.
November, 2006 The Wenzhou Municipal Government accomplished the application materials of Wenzhou-Kean University and delivered to the Zhejiang Provincial Government, the Zhejiang Provincial Government reported to the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China.
May, 2006 The Wenzhou University and Kean University held the Signing Ceremony of establishing the Cooperation Project Wenzhou-Kean University on the Union County of New Jersey. Xi Jinping, the Secretary of CPC Zhejiang Province (at that time) attended the ceremony.
August, 2005 James McGreevy, the former governor of New Jersey and Philip Connelly, the Executive Vice Operating President of Kean University signed a memorandum of the Cooperation Project with the Wenzhou Municipal Government.

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Map and Location

By train

1. If arriving at Wenzhou South Station (DMU station), take bus 83 to →E’hu Village Committee Station; then take bus 104 from E’hu Station to Po’ao East Station

2. If arriving at Wenzhou South Station (DMU station), take bus 83 to E’hu Village Committee Station; take bus 11 from E’hu Residence Station to Po’ao East Station

By air

1. When arriving at Wenzhou Longwan International Airport, take bus 73 to Zhan’nan Complex Station;take bus 11 from Hezhuang Station to Po’ao East Station

2. When arriving at Wenzhou Longwan International Airport, take bus 73 to Zhan’nan Complex Station;take bus 39 from Hezhuang Station to Po’ao East Station

By Bus

1. If you arriving at Wenzhou Wenzhou Passenger Transportation Center, take bus 18 to Po’ao Station

2. If you arriving at Wenzhou Shuangyu Passenger Transport Center, take bus 39 to Po’ao Station


If you drive to register via expressway, leave at Wenzhou (South) exit, please drive to Wenzhou-Kean University in the direction of Li’ao.


Wenzhou-Kean University

Wenzhou-Kean University is a Chinese-American jointly established higher education institution with Independent legal person status and limited liabilities. On November 16th 2011, the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China approved the application of preparation on establishing Wenzhou-Kean University that is cooperatively run by Wenzhou University and Kean University USA. On December 16th 2013, the Ministry of Education Panel led by Prof. HUANG Wei the Academician from Chinese Academy of Sciences inspected and reviewed the application works for the establishment of the University.

During the preparation stage, the University received friendly concerns from the Chinese Central leaderships and enormous attention from Party committees and People’s governments at different levels. On May 8th 2006, Mr. XI Jinping Secretary of CPC Zhejiang Province (at that time) visited Kean University in New Jersey and delivered a keynote speech in the Signing Ceremony of cooperation in establishing Wenzhou-Kean University. Whereas a province-state friendship cooperative project between Zhejiang and New Jersey, Ministry of Education regards the establishment of the University as one of critical projects that enlarges the scope of Education Open-up while enhancing education reform in return.

Wenzhou-Kean University has been dedicated to the principle of “providing students with different ways of development” by introducing and referencing educational resources, critical missions and advanced patterns from prestigious universities in the US. Being well-knit with Chinese actual conditions and needs in developing regional economy and cultures, the University strives for excellence in building an international university with world-class education, which is fundamentally student-oriented, innovatively inclusive, diversely developmental and characteristically unique. With comprehensive and sophisticated practices, the University set up its pedagogical goal that aims to merge Chinese and American teaching methodologies in practice from a global context, and to cultivate students with global vision, mastering of international rules and conventions, and innovative creative and initiative competences. In terms of the strategic plan for university development, the University identified itself as a teaching university at the early stage. With the development of high-quality international cooperation in research, the University will find a balance between teaching and research in its transformation to become a research-leading teaching university with world-class education. In terms of value orientation, the University adheres to the public welfare principle of Chinese-Foreign cooperation in running as a non-profit organization.

Wenzhou-Kean will develop about 5,000 on-campus students in the short term, while 8,500 students in midterm running. It primarily focuses on the development on undergraduate programs with relative elaboration in postgraduate education. The University is dedicated to the construction of specialty groups in Economics and Management, Technology and Mathematics, Arts Design, Education and Psychology, Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, etc.

Covering an area of 494 acres in land planning, the campus of Wenzhou-Kean University is located in a beautiful township called Li’ao in Wenzhou. Wenzhou Municipal People’s Government has earmarked 1.5 billion RMB for the first phase construction with international bidding. The style of Chinese layout and the element of American university are embodied in the campus buildings and facilities. The University strives for building a humanistic ecological intellectual and outreach campus with merged Chinese and American cultures, extensive interactions between teachers and students, and autonomous learning. For the moment, the first bidding section with 478,994 sq ft (44500m2) within the first phase of construction has been completed and put into regular running. A modernized a campus structure has been revealed along with the ongoing construction projects, which is intended with the completion by the end of 2016.

In order to accelerate the process of Sino-US cooperation, and to accumulate experience in cooperatively running, the University offered three academic programs with 204 students respectively in Economics, English and Computer Science since 2012, as a trial by the name of Sino-US Cooperative Project in Wenzhou University approved by the Ministry of Education. In April 2013, BA in International Business degree program was approved by Ministry of Education, which the number of student cohort in 2013 was enlarged to 240 only within the Tier 1 students in Zhejiang. Kean University USA is responsible for managing academic affairs for cooperatively running of this project, which they bring the American curriculum, full-time faculties, original American textbooks and small-size classroom activities into this new campus. With a wide range of achievements, the University has been highly recognized by governmental education departments and the society. With all the efforts, the University successfully completed the accreditation and assessment works from Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

Wenzhou-Kean University employs advanced ideology and administration system for faculty management from those prestigious American higher education institutions with sophisticated appointment system, and attracts and recruits highly talented professionals in compliance with world-class standards. Concurrently, the University will develop a scientific evaluation scheme for management of faculty and research, in order to support all the professional development at campus.

With active exploration in Chinese-Foreign cooperation in modernized higher education, the University is dedicated to the development of a unique institution with inclusive social interactions, autonomy in running, and implementation of scientific management. The Board of Directors is the highest local policy making authority, which is composed by both the Chinese and American parties. The University adopts such a governance structure where the Chancellor shall act as the executive officer, and serve at the pleasure of the Board of Directors. With persistence in academic autonomy and faculty-involved administration strategy, the University will build a precise, solid and effective internal administrative organization, as well as being with innovation and entrepreneurship.

Wenzhou-Kean University will inherit the excellence from both parental universities. By complying with the aforementioned principle, Wenzhou-Kean, a world-class university will be built with first-class campus and facilities, professional faculty communities, academic research and maintenance services. It will undergo a complex process to achieve the final goal, but the University will strike for excellence in being an exceptional model for Sino-US cooperation in education with efforts from generation to generation.