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College of Business and Public Management at Wenzhou-Kean University is a dynamic learning environment dedicated to providing unique opportunities for both Chinese students and international learners. Globalization and the rapid diffusion of technological innovation present both opportunities and challenges to society. College of Business and Public Management seeks to provide an atmosphere which values high-quality faculty/student interaction and the production of intellectual contributions. Students can pursue careers in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. Students also have great opportunities to take part in a vigorous internship and cooperative education program with regional businesses.

2018 Pre-University Intensive English Program PIEP

2018 Pre-University Intensive English Program (PIEP)

Dates: August 20 – August 31 2018

The Pre-University Intensive English Program (PIEP) is the official beginning of all students’ academic careers at Wenzhou-Kean University.

PIEP is based on a 30 hour, intensive communicative-English program specifically designed to support Chinese high school graduates in their transition to an English-speaking academic community and English-medium courses.  Firmly grounded in Communicative and Participatory approaches to language learning, PIEP activates English language students have acquired in secondary studies and provides opportunities for practice in meaningful communication. A major goal is to enhance students’ comfort in communicating with faculty and each other in English.  The objectives of PIEP are to reduce student anxiety in interacting with faculty in English, enhance student comfort with the four skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) of English, and to accelerate the transition of prior academically-learned English into a functional, practical communicative capacity in English.  This is accomplished through a relaxed, friendly classroom environment in which the teacher facilitates English learning and fluency development by introducing games, group projects and activities which require students to collaborate in English communication.


PIEP Pair WorkStudents should not mistake the relaxed environment, games and collaborative activities of PIEP as trivial.  For many Chinese students PIEP is the first encounter with the state-of-the-art, theory-based approaches to language learning that have been empirically demonstrated to promote legitimate development of second language communication skills.  As a transnational partnership with an American curriculum, Wenzhou-Kean University expects and requires students to build fluency and accuracy in English communication.  PIEP is the beginning of this journey.


PIEP Dr. Gary LinebargerIn addition to the 30 hour intensive curriculum, students will participate in afternoon activities designed to both build English fluency and enhance fundamental academic skills.  Such activities include an MS Word workshop (introducing students to the free, web-based MS Word program and academic formatting conventions), a Dictionary workshop, and a singing room activity (enhancing pronunciation, intonation and rhythm in English through English songs).

Media Report: WKU’s PIEP made English-learning a happy thing

PIEP Tammy ClarkPIEP is a required, mandatory component of the Wenzhou-Kean University curriculum.  Students who fail to attend PIEP for any reason will be required to attend a communicative course in the evenings of Fall semester to make up these hours.  Students failing to fulfill these obligations will be referred to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs for appropriate action.

Director: Dr. Ted Slautterback,
Coordinator: Prof. Henry Hadduck,
Assistant: Ms. Xiang,

2017 PIEP

College of Business & Public Management

We, the faculty, administrators, and staff, are here connecting students and transforming lives.  That is the commitment we made for you.

Dean Cao Jiang, Ph.D.

College of Business and Public Management (CBPM) at Wenzhou-Kean University is a dynamic learning environment dedicated to providing unique opportunities for both Chinese students and international learners. Globalization and the rapid diffusion of technological innovation present both opportunities and challenges to society. College of Business and Public Management seeks to provide an atmosphere which values high-quality faculty/student interaction and the production of intellectual contributions. Students can pursue careers in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. Students also have great opportunities to take part in a vigorous internship and cooperative education program with regional businesses.

In 2017 and 2018, more than half of our students pursuing graduate studies right after college entered Top 50 Universities in the world. This is the result of our college’s 50/50 Strategic Initiative started in 2015.

CBPM contributes to the APEC CBET eLearning Platform, which is a collaborative project between the APEC Business Advisory Council China (ABAC) and Wenzhou-Kean University to provide an online and scalable way for small-and-medium sized enterprises to access industry knowledge and training resources to join the growing global trend of selling through cross-border e-commerce.

CBPM has achieved Bloomberg Experiential Learning Partner (ELP) Status in Jan 2020. Bloomberg ELP recognizes academic institutions that are leaders in experiential learning through the integration of Bloomberg terminal exercises in its curricula.

CBPM Undergraduate Programs

College of Business and Public Management comprises five baccalaureate majors with six undergraduate options.

CBPM Four Year Plans

Contact Us

Dean’s Office: CBPM Building A509

Dean: CAO Jiang, Ph.D

Coordinator: WANG Yang

Department Services Specialist:

CHEN Yinyin & Lydia ZHU

Student Services Specialists:

HE Yanyan


SAC Email:

CBPM WeChat Official Account QR Code


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CBPM Alumni

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Business Student Advisory Council (SAC) represents the image of students in College of Business and Public Management. Elite student leaders usually recruited by invitation. We provide SAC with the extensive guidance and autonomy to organize diverse and activities and lectures, broaden the breadth of students’ knowledge, and enrich students’ campus life.


Facility of CBPM

The CBPM (College of Business and Public Management) Building is ready in January 2018, with a Bloomberg Lab (click to learn more) and many other world-class facilities and amenities. We’re proud to have a home that matches our growing reputation. It is more than a collection of classrooms and offices: it’s a bridge to the future of global business.

CBPM has 12 Bloomberg terminals. So far in Mainland China, only some elite institutions such as the Peking University and Tsinghua University have the Bloomberg Terminals. Bloomberg at CBPM is integrated into classroom teaching, as well as student and faculty research. Students in all majors use Bloomberg data and analytics to perform various real-world tasks, such as real-time and historical analysis, tracking multiples with forward-looking data, building custom formulas, and conducting mock trading. They can learn how to analyze financial markets, assess economic scenarios and interpret key news developments that impact the global economy.

  • 5 floors
  • 14,000 gross square meters
  • 5-story, 2,500-square-foot atrium
  • 453-seat sloped auditorium
  • 110-seat multi-function auditorium
  • Six 64 seat case rooms
  • Two 72 seat case rooms
  • Capital Markets Trading Room
  • Bloomberg Lab with 12 terminals
  • 20+ breakout rooms
  • 12 interview/discussion rooms
  • Business Center for MBA students
  • 3,300-square-foot MBA Commons
  • Dean’s suite and board room
  • 5 departmental suites
  • 5 department chair offices
  • 6 director offices
  • 64 faculty offices
  • 5 faculty collaboration spaces
  • 9 general use conference rooms
  • Entrepreneurship Center
  • 4 mentor meeting rooms
  • Alumni lounge

Graduation Information

WKU Graduation Information

All undergraduate students who have completed 82 or more credits will be emailed information regarding the graduation application.  Please review the graduation application instructions below. Contact the Office of the Registrar at GEH D202 or email at if you have any questions.


Graduation Application

Summary of Instructions for Completing Graduation Application for Undergraduate Students

Sample of Graduation Application

Final Checklist


Fill out your Curriculum Guide Sheet, 4 year plan or degree audit in ink; be sure it is the correct plan for your particular major and catalog year. Obtain the signature or stamp of your Dean or Dean’s designee.

Submit your completed application to the Office of the Registrar GEH D202.

Applications received will be accepted on a case by case basis.  These late submissions must be submitted with a letter of explanation as to why it’s late.  


Incomplete grades, all grade changes, repeat grade recalculations and pending transfer credits must be completed and posted to your record no later than two weeks after the graduation date.  For June degree candidates the deadline is May 31.  For August degree candidates the deadline is September 1.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to participate in the June Commencement ceremony, all required coursework must be completed by the end of the WKU Summer term.


College of Business and Public Management

College of Science and Technology

College of Liberal Arts

College of Architecture & Design

College of Science and Technology

Dean’s Welcome:

Brown 13 March 2013

On behalf of the College of Science and Technology’s students, faculty and staff, I would like to welcome you. The College is currently composed of three departments, Biology, Computer Science and Mathematics. Please take time to explore further information on these programs by clicking on the links below and also learn about our faculty and their research endeavors. The teachers are scholars who blend instruction and research as reinforcing activities. There are many opportunities for students to become involved in research. At the end of your program of study, you will have earned a high-quality American degree from Kean University. We encourage you during your junior year to spend a semester or year at Kean University in New Jersey, USA. There you will take classes with American students, and experience the culture plus heighten your English skills.

WenZhou Kean University is a place where faculty love their profession and encourage students to excel. Let WKU help you achieve the dream you have always had whether it is becoming a biology research scientist, a game designer, a biostatistician, or theoretical mathematician, let your heart’s desire become reality. Together we will work together to achieve your dream. Become a WKU student and succeed in the world of tomorrow. It will be a decision you will never regret.

——Larry Brown

College of Science and Technology is committed to preparing students for outstanding scientific research in the future. The college aims to help students develop critical thinking and innovative thinking in the face of ever-evolving social, economic and technological environments. Promoting students and being able to work with related companies is the direction of our efforts. Based on this, we hope that these channels will enable students to provide valuable services to the society and create more opportunity in professional, intellectual and future developments for students. Our faculty have won many scientific external grants: two natural science funds, three provincial nature funds and four municipal project funds have been awarded during 2017-2018. At the same time, faculty have published 39 international journal articles, and 29 international journal articles have been published in the cooperation with faculty and students. Our college currently consists of three majors: Computer, Mathematics, and Biology. Our college has computer, biology, chemistry, physics and other laboratories, equipped with the liquid chromatograph, high efficiency gas chromatograph, red, ultraviolet spectrophotometer, melting point apparatus and other excellent equipment, and have intelligent management mode, to meet the higher teaching and research needs.

Graduate Program

Undergraduate Programs

B.S. in Computer Science

B.A. in Mathematical Sciences | Data Analytics

B.S. in Biology | Cell and Molecular Biology

(Program begins Fall 2020) B.S. Earth Science (Environmental Science Option)

(Program begins Fall 2020) B.S. Chemistry

News Picture  more

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Contact US

Dean:Larry C Brown 
  • GEH B413

College Assistant:
Jessie Chen

  •  GEH B415
  •  0577-55870721

College Assistant:
Nancy Ye

  • GEH B415
  • 0577-55870466

College of Liberal Arts

Dean’s Letter:

We Open Minds

“Liberal arts” is the term used most often to describe the dominant approach to higher education in America wherein the aim is to educate the “whole person” and students are expected to gain a deep understanding of a variety of disciplines beyond their major academic focus, as well as an appreciation of how these many disciplines inter-relate. Key to this approach are the “general education” requirements which insure that each student takes a broad range of specific courses as part of their graduation requirements. At Wenzhou-Kean University many of these courses are housed in the College of Liberal Arts. Subjects such as political science, communication, history, economics, philosophy and art history are not yet part of a major (with their own department) at WKU but serve the important function of helping students satisfy this graduation requirement. Read more

—Dean. Raquel A Stuart

The College of Liberal Arts aims to stimulate and develop students’ thought processes and intellectual capabilities, and increase their abilities to consider, compare and communicate within a broad range of disciplines, traditions and world-views. Liberal arts students are inquisitive and insightful, and share a rich cultural understanding of the world in which they live. The majors and various elective courses available in the College promote three elements essential for success in the job market of the 21st Century: creativity, critical thinking and communication. In a world where people change careers an average of five times or more, the adaptability gained through a liberal arts education is invaluable.

Two majors are currently available within the College of Liberal Arts: English in the Global Setting; and Psychology. A third major, Communication with a focus on Public Relations, will be offered soon, as we continue to add programs in the development of the College. Majors in the liberal arts generally allow more free electives than majors in other colleges, so Liberal Arts students have more freedom to choose courses to either specialize within their major or add other areas of specialization. In U.S. higher education, it is very common to pursue a “minor” that complements the major., with both appearing on your transcript at graduation. For instance, a student who wants to go into advertising as a career might do a major in English and a minor in Psychology. Students with major/minor combinations of this sort, designed for a particular career path, are appealing to both employers and graduate schools.

Four-year Plan

Acting Associate Dean:
Raquel Stuart
  • GEH C317
  • Email:

College Assistant:
Xu Menglu

College Assistant:
Xiang Bingling

College Assistant:
Dong Ruiying

Make Appointments

The primary mission of the English Language Center is to provide individualized support for students in English language proficiency and academic skills development. The ELC Supplemental Instructors work with students in one-on-one tutoring in the areas of

  • Grammar and usage
  • Essay development
  • Speaking
  • Sentence structure
  • Pronunciation
  • MLA/APA formatting
  • Presentation skills
  • General academic skills

To make appointments, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to > My WKU > ELC > STUDENT APPOINTMENTS > Make Appointments > Instructor, and then click on a tutor’s name;
  2. Fill out the appointment form and confirm the appointment;
  3. Attend the session and evaluate it afterwards;
  4. If you are not able to attend the tutoring session, please go to > My WKU > ELC > STUDENT APPOINTMENTS > My Appointments to cancel it.

Click here to get started.

ELC WeChat

The ELC WeChat introduces English language learning tools, websites, applications and other resources, as well as promoting ELC activities. Please scan the QR code below to follow us:

ELC WeChat

English Language Lab

The English Language Lab (ELL) is a multimedia installation aiming to assist students in effectively improving their language skills with diverse online and installed learning tools.


To make a reservation, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to>My WKU>ELC>STUDENT APPOINTMENTS>Search Activity, and click on the Register button to reserve the ELL session you plan to attend;
  2. Type in your cellphone number and email address in Remark, and then click on Save;
  3. If you are not able to attend the session, please go to>My WKU>ELC>STUDENT APPOINTMENTS>My Appointments>Activity>Record of Reservation to cancel it.

Opening hours:

18:30 – 21:30, Mon. – Fri.

9:00 – 11:00 & 14:00 – 16:00, Sat. & Sun.

Venue: B411, General Education Hall

Note: Hours subject to change in exceptional circumstances such as public holidays.


Contact information:

Manager of ELL: Junior He

Office: B303, General Education Hall

Phone: 0577-5587 0074



Please click on the link below to download referral forms.

Application for Using English Language Lab

English Language Lab Referral Form