Friendly Reminder

Friendly Reminder

For the smooth operation of the event, here are the detailed requirements for all the staff members who will participate the event:

1. Time

All the personnel must arrive at the opera house before 12:30, June 2, 2018

2. Dress Code


3. Transportation

Please go to the venue via public transportation or taxi. All the transportation fees can be reimbursed afterwards.

4. Entrance

Staff members who were assigned tasks in the event, please enter with your Worker’s Pass. Other staff members please enter the venue by tickets. Tickets can be collected from the reception desk at the opera house.


1:30 P.M. Sunday, June 2nd, 2019


Wenzhou Grand Theatre
466 Fudong Rd.,Lucheng District, Wenzhou. Zhejiang Province,PRC

Contact Us


Contact Us

How to contact Wenzhou-Kean University Alumni Association?


Official WeChat Account: 温州肯恩大学校友会


Tel: 0577-55870124

Office: D204, GE Hall

Contacts of Departments

Student One-step Service: 55870160

Administration One-step Service: 55870707

Library: 55870600

Undergraduate Admissions: 55870111

Academic Affairs: 55870092

Alumni Association

About the Wenzhou-Kean University Alumni Association:

Wenzhou-Kean University Alumni Association was formally established on May 28, 2016. It’s a joint, non-profit organization composed of alumni of Wenzhou-Kean University.


Our Mission:

The Wenzhou-Kean University Alumni Association’s purpose is to promote the growth, status, and mission of the University; to act as a liaison between the alumni and the University community; and to develop alumni services as a means of encouraging alumni to maintain a continuing relationship with the University, its students, programs, and events. The mission of the Alumni Association is to foster alumni loyalty, involvement, and support.

About the Alumni Association Office:

The Wenzhou-Kean Alumni Association Office is the standing secretariat of the WKU Alumni Association Board, and the main liaison unit for the WKU regional alumni clubs.

The main responsibilities of the alumni office are:
  • Organize and support of the alumni events
  • Alumnidata management, file update
  • Alumni system development and management
  • Publicize Alumni
  • Supporting the development of Wenzhou-Kean regional alumni clubs
  • Other Alumni Association related affairs



Coordinator: CHEN Yiyu

Alumni Service Guide

Service of WKU Alumni when returning to campus

  • Present souvenir
  • Provide “reminiscence” lunch
  • Assist to reserve on-campus accommodation with a 15% off Alumni discount
  • Assist to book a campus tour provided by student ambassadors
  • Assist to reserve an activity space
  • Assist to take activity photos
  • Assist to contact staff of colleges
  • Assist to arrange forums with university leaders
  • Provide pick-up service (above 8 alumni)


Alumni Guest Benefit

  1. Alumni Office will provide round-trip tickets
  2. Arrange on-campus accommodation
  3. Provide Temporary Campus Card Service


Process of Application for returning to campus

  1. Class or individual should download and fill the application form from Alumni page of WKU official website, and send the form to ahead three weeks of schedule
  2. Alumni Office confirms the reception plan and give the feedback to the correspondent
  3. Alumni Office assists to reserve activity space and equipment
  4. Collecting activity materials and fill Alumni directories after the activity
  5. Alumni Office reports the activity by WeChat Account and website etc.

Click the following link for application form

Application form

Services for Alumni

Services for WKU Alumni
  1. Permanent email account for WKU alumni
  2. Free career development service

All members of WKU Alumni Association will enjoy free service from WKU Career Development Center. The service may include following:

  • Give advice on resume writing, job application and interview
  • Update job information
  • Give advice on alumni’s entrepreneurship
  1. Library Service
  • All alumni are able to use public facilities of library
  • Browse the paper collection and electronic resources in the library
  • All alumni are able to access library books when they pay the deposit according to the library regulation
  1. Alumni events assistance
  • Assist to arrange the homecoming venue
  • Provide volunteer service
  • Support alumni events held by local WKU alumni association
  1. Special services at Wenzhou-Kean gift shop

All alumni will enjoy special services at WKU gift shop.

  1. Alumni transcript certification service