Chinese Curricula Center

As a teaching unit of Wenzhou-Kean University, Chinese Curricula Center is responsible for the establish of Chinese curricular system required by MOE, China (with Mandarin as course instructional language) and its implementation. Chinese curricula consist of Chinese National Conditions & Culture (CNCC) Education, Art Education (A.E.) and Physical Education (P.E.), whose total credits account for roughly 10% of overall WKU curriculum. The Center also provides professional instructions regarding arts and sports.

Director:Ying Yonghong

CNCC Education

Wenzhou-Kean University

Chinese National Conditions & Culture (CNCC)Curriculum 

Students are required to take a total of 8 credits in CNCC, with two courses taken in winter semester of their first year and summer semester of their second year. Each course takes 1500 minutes or more. Mandatory for Mainland students.

Course Code Course Title Credit/Hours Type Size Manner
301001 Arguing and Thinking 2/30 Mandatory 25/75/200 Lecture, Seminar
301002 Social Concerns 2/30 Mandatory 25/75/200 Lecture, Practical activity, Seminar
301003 Approaching History 2/30 Mandatory 25/75/200 Lecture, Seminar
301004 The Inheritance and Internationalization of Chinese Culture 2/30 Mandatory 25/75/200 Lecture, Seminar

Assessment Requirements

  • Attendence & Course feedback (20%)
  • Quiz (20%)
  • Interactive discussion/presentation (40%)
  • Test or paper (20%)

A 93~100   A-90~92   B+86~89   B83~85   B-80~82   C+76~79   C70~75    D60-69    F60

Course Description

Arguing and Thinking This course contains the Marxist philosophy, logic, dialectics of nature, social science research methods, etc., and aims to develop students’abilities in logic judgment and critical thinking. It also enables students command the basic thoughts of solving problems and basic principles and methods of social practice investigation.

Course Description

Social Concerns This course contains the education of laws and regulations which help students understand the national situation and important policies and world political and economic development. Provided with the chance to learn in the views such as sociology and mentality, students are able to know more about countries, societies and themselves.

Course Description

Approaching History By the teaching of the comparison with Chinese and foreign representative historical figures, important events and trends, students are able to have a macro understanding of both western and eastern history.

Course Description

The inheritance and internationalization of Chinese culture By the teaching of comparison with Chinese and western culture, students are able to develop a holistic understanding of different values, ideological trends and latest cultural achievements. The understanding to the communion and influence between Chinese and foreign cultures will be deepened. Explore a road to the inheritance and development of Chinese culture.

Physical Education

Physical Education


The idea of “health first” will be established under the new curriculum standard. The course will embody the three-dimensional health which are the dimensions of body, psychology and society, and realize the five targets of sports, which are participation, sports skills, physical health, mental health and social adaptation.

The course focuses on cultivating students’ interests. By integrating domestic and international educational resources with innovative methods, the course will promote international characteristics and carry out featured physical education courses to promote whole-person education centering the aim of “Five C” education in WKU.

We aim at reforming the evaluation system, bettering the screening and selection function of evaluation, innovate and open teaching methods. Also students’ interests will be paid with attention and the integration of physical education will be actualized in and out of class, therefore the course will create a campus sports culture atmosphere.

B.Student Learning Outcomes

Participation: to cultivate the habit and the ideology of life-long exercising.

Skills: to learn more than two skill sets of sports activities.

Physical Healthfulness: to form a healthy living style through effectively learning knowledge and ways of improving physical fitness and forming healthy habits.

Psychological Healthfulness: to learn to design individual schedule for exercising and adopt ways to sustain positive attitude towards life through sports activities.

Social Accommodation: to form good physical ethics and collaboration spirits, and to correctly deal with relations of competition and cooperation.

Art Education

Art Curriculum

Students are required to take a total of 2 credits in AE within four years (Spring or Fall). Each 1 credit course takes 1125min and Each 2 credit course takes 1350min each semester according to University calendar.

Course Code Course Title Credits/Hours Type Size Manner Course Requirements
311001 Music appreciation 2/30 Elective 30 Lecture
311002 Painting & calligraphy 2/30 Elective 80 Lecture
311003 Fine arts appreciation 2/30 Elective 80 Lecture
311004 Make-up & costumes 2/30 Elective 50 Lecture, skill practice
311005 Chorus 2/30 Elective 40 skill practice
311013 Guitar ( Beginning) 1/25 Elective 15 skill practice Students are required to bring their own guitar.
311014 Piano (Beginning) 1/25 Elective 10 skill practice
311008 Modern art creation 2/30 Elective 30 Lecture, skill practice
311009 Chinese traditional painting 2/30 Elective 30 Lecture, skill practice
311010 Media Communication & Practice 2/30 Elective 50 Lecture, skill practice
311011 Chinese Tea Ceremony (Beginning) 1/25 Elective 10 skill practice
311012 Dance (Modern Dance) 1/25 Elective 25 skill practice
311016 Floral Design 1/25 Elective 10 skill practice
311017 Calligraphy appreciation 2/30 Elective 30 Lecture, skill practice
311018 Guitar (Intermediate) 1/25 Elective 15 skill practice
311019 Chinese Tea Ceremony  (Intermediate) 1/25 Elective 10 skill practice
311020 Piano (Intermediate) 1/25 Elective 10 skill practice
311015 Cellphone Photography 2/30 Elective 30 Lecture, skill practice
311021 Beauty Make-up 1/25 Elective 25 skill practice
311022 Ukulele 1/25 Elective 20 skill practice Students are required to bring their own Ukulele.
311023 Creative Arts 2/30 Elective 25 Lecture, skill practice
311024 Mandrin Skills & Practice 1/25 Elective 20 Lecture, skill practice
311026 Western Art Appreciation 2/30 Elective 40 Lecture,
311027 Broadcasting and Hosting Art 1/25 Elective 30 Lecture, skill practice

Art Troupe

Introduction of Wenzhou-Kean University Art Troupe

The Art Troupe of Wenzhou-Kean University was formally established in 2016. It is currently affiliated to the Chinese Curricula Center. After two years of continuous exploration and development, the Art Troupe has its elementary scale. Now there are eight teams, including Chorus, Group Singing Team, Chamber Orchestra, Folk Band, Electroacoustic Band, Dance Troupe (Chinese Dance, Pop Dance), Rap Team and Art Troupe Affairs. It is a total of more than 70 members. Each team has professional instructors who make great efforts to develop the Art Troupe.

As a field for the university to continuously improve the art practice as well as an important carrier to implement aesthetic education, the Art Troupe aims to enrich the art and cultural life on campus, improve the artistic accomplishment of college students and promote their integrated development. Furthermore, it brings art education into campus life, guides all students to understand excellent artistic achievements at home and abroad, master artistic skills, cultivate their abilities to feel beauty, express beauty, appreciate beauty and create beauty, stimulate the sense of innovation, enhance the ability to create, and better serves the growth of students.

Through artistic performances which are diversified and combine Chinese and Western forms, the Art Troupe will continue to show the campus atmosphere of cultural diversity, improve the aesthetic taste, and present its artistic mien.