Make Appointments

To make appointments, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to > My WKU > ELC > STUDENT APPOINTMENTS > Make Appointments > Instructor, and then click on a tutor’s name;
  2. Fill out the appointment form and confirm the appointment;
  3. Attend the session and evaluate it afterwards;
  4. If you are not able to attend the tutoring session, please go to > My WKU > ELC > STUDENT APPOINTMENTS > My Appointments to cancel it.

Click here to get started.

ELC WeChat

The ELC WeChat introduces English language learning tools, websites, applications and other resources, as well as promoting ELC activities. Please scan the QR code below to follow us:

ELC WeChat

English Language Lab

The English Language Lab is a multimedia installation aiming to assist students in effectively improving their language skills with diverse online and installed learning tools. The ELL also creates an efficient student-centered classroom with professional teaching-assistance software for faculty.

Please go to the lab during the walk-in hours and sign the “English Language Lab – Student Attendance Form.”

Opening hours:

18:30 – 20:30, Monday – Friday

9:00 – 11:00, Saturday

14:00  – 16:00, Sunday

Venue: B411, General Education Hall

Note: Hours subject to change in exceptional circumstances such as public holidays.


Contact information:

Manager of ELL: Junior He

Office: B303, General Education Hall

Phone: 0577-5587 0074



Application for Using English Language Lab

English Language Lab Referral Form

Learning Resources

Please visit My WKU > ELC > Learning Resources or click here for more information.

Meet the Staff

Assistant Director

Lulu He

T: 0577 – 5587 0065


Program Coordinator

Junior He

T: 0577 – 5587 0074


Supplemental Instructor

Ada Jin

T: 0577 – 5587 0030


Supplemental Instructor

Kenneth Ray Wade

T: 0577 – 5587 0184


Writing Specialist

Flora Huang

T: 0577 – 5587 0059


Supplemental Instructor

Weiwen Zhu

T: 0577 – 5587 0071


Competition Specialist

Luna Xiang

T: 0577 – 5587 0223


Supplemental Instructor

Tracy Hu

T: 0577 – 5587 0078

English Language Center


To foster an English learning environment and facilitate students’ study of English as a tool for their academic success.


The English Language Center is a professional unit of Wenzhou-Kean University offering students a variety of English learning opportunities and tailored services, all designed to cater to their specific needs and ensure the continued enhancement and refinement of their English skills throughout the academic years.

We encourage the persistent practice and reflective use of English that will foster the intellectual and cultural growth of individuals and of the academic community at large.

Assistant Director: Lulu He