Accounting (B.S.)

Knowledge and skills students will grasp during the study

ACCOUNTING (B.S.) major involves the study of
management accounting systems and the controllership
function, fund accounting for government, schools, hospitals
and other not for-profit organizations, provides and
understanding of the various types of fraud applications,
including occupational fraud and non-occupational fraud.
Meanwhile, it also applies computerized methods to the design
and operation of accounting systems, instructs the student
on other computerized aspects of accounting and related
business procedures. It builds on the skills developed for the
preparation of financial statements including reporting and
analysis of liabilities, stock holder’s equity, and investments.

Core Required Courses


Accounting is the study of how an organization records financial transactions and analyzes and communicates the results of such transactions. It studies the standard accounting financial statements and seeks to analyze the entity’s operating results and discusses ways in which various users can utilize accounting information. The program looks to both the business and not for-profit sectors of the community. The four year B.S. in Accounting Program will prepare students for various positions in accounting. Graduates of this program are eligible to sit for the American CPA examination; however 150 credit hours are required to apply to be licensed as a CPA. The program is CPA Australia accredited as well.

B.A. Mathematical Sciences (Data Analytics Option)


The Math Sciences program is designed to fulfill several objectives: to develop mathematical reasoning through problem solving; to investigate the mathematical theory which facilitates an understanding of mathematical applications; to provide background for careers in applied mathematics and computer science or teaching of secondary school mathematics; to prepare for graduate studies in the mathematical sciences. These are achieved, with departmental advisement, through the appropriate selection of electives.


Career Prospects


The Data Analytics option in Mathematical Sciences program will help prepare future Data Scientists to meet the demands of data driven industries, governmental agencies and labor market in financial sectors, health industry, social media and education. It provides a foundation for further graduate study and research.


Knowledge and Skills Students will Grasp during the Study


  • Learning the fundamentals of data analytics and the data science connections.
  • Developing competency in the R programming.
  • Learning how to collect the resources required for a data science project.
  • Applying predictive analytics techniques to use unstructured enterprise information and data to drive a better client experience and to leverage new data types: sentiment data, clickstream data, video, images and text data.
  • Using data mining practices and machine learning technology tools on data sets from a variety of domains, including the Web, social networks, media, and smart cities.
  • Applying visualization principles to clarify ideas, enhance understanding and help decision making.


Major (Core) Required Courses


Probability and Math Statistics

Big Data Computing

Applied Statistics

Foundations of Data Analysis

Big Data Visualization

Statistical Data Mining

Big Data Statistical Analysis

Big Data Techniques

Regression Analysis

B.A. Psychology

Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. Selected topics include but are not limited to: human nature, the nature of knowledge, perception, thinking, consciousness, language, learning and education, intelligence, memory, emotions, relationships, sexuality, development (social, emotional, cognitive, moral, spiritual), self-concept, self-esteem, motivation, aggression, personality (individual differences and similarities), prejudice, beliefs and attitudes, abnormal behavior, mental illness, adjustment, psychotherapy, evolution, heredity, hormones, brain-behavior relationships, dreaming and states of consciousness, and human and animal behavior.

The B.A. in Psychology is a comprehensive 124 semester hour (S.H.) program that is designed to provide a balanced education in the field of psychology through the required core courses and the selection of appropriate electives. Students in our program develop observational, research, analytical, and cognitive processing skills. Students graduating with majors in psychology are prepared to enter a wide range of employment areas, from public service positions in education, medicine, social services, criminology and the military to work in the corporate world, involved in human resources, training, group dynamics, efficiency studies and marketing. The psychology major at Wenzhou-Kean is one of our newest, developed in response to growing student interest on the WKU campus and on a national level. Our students from many majors have shown growing interest, as seen in the membership of the WKU PsyClub (Wechat Platform: WKUpsychology; QQ: 1913166157).

At Kean in New Jersey, the School of Psychology has grown exponentially over the last 40 years, with an undergraduate enrollment of over 1500 majors. WKU students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to study at Kean in New Jersey during their junior year to enjoy the expanded offering of courses. Pyschology majors are also recommended to take Field Experience in Psychology (PSY 4950) to gain first-hand experience working in some area of applied psychology.

At the graduate level, the following degrees are offered:
Combined School and Clinical Psychology (Psy.D.)
Forensic Psychology (M.A.)
Marriage and Family Therapy (Professional Diploma)
Psychology – Human Behavior and Organizational Psychology (M.A.)
Psychology – Psychological Services (M.A.)
School Psychology (Professional Diploma)


PSY 1000 General Psychology (3 S.H.)
Major Requirements
PSY 2000 Professional Psychology: Principles and Practices (3 S.H.)
PSY 3200 Psych Statistics (3 S.H.)
PSY 4200 Tests and Measurements (PSY 3200 pre-requisite) (3 S.H.)
PSY 4230 Experimental Psychology (PSY 3200 pre-requisite) (4 S.H.)
G.E. and Major Capstone
PSY 4940 Seminar: Contemporary Issues in Psychology (3 S.H.)
**In addition, students must take five courses from at least three areas that include Developmental, Theoretical, Applied, Social, and Mind/Brain as Major Electives (12 S.H.)
**The B.A. program also requires thirteen courses as electives, 50-percent of these must be at the 3000-4000 level; no more than 3 additional Psychology courses may be included in these electives.

B.A. Architectural Studies


The B.A. degree in Architectural Studies is a studio-oriented design program. Students focusing on Architecture will develop expertise in the creation of built structures and environments for public audiences. The curriculum includes a concentration in this design discipline and a broad foundation in the liberal arts, studio arts, and art history. Emphasis is placed upon creative problem-solving, design competence and technical skills. The program of study also develops skills in critical thinking, and oral and written communications. The design of meaningful buildings and places in major metropolitan areas will be a focus of the program.


Career Prospects


Successful completion of B.A. in Architectural Studies enables graduates to become problem solvers that can manage the relationship between human and space properly with clients and government. Graduates are competent in the career of architecture design, landscape design, and environment design. Additionally, some graduates are also using their highly transferable skills in other design related disciplines, such as industrial design and costume design.


Our Mission


The Program aims to inform the public about the critical contribution that architecture designers make in changing the world and to this end we are also dedicated to reaching out to the wider community through programs of the design to relationship between human and space.

With a broad foundation in liberal arts (GE), a core foundation in the basics of design elements and principles, a thorough grounding in design concepts, artistry, craft, and technologies, followed by a concentration in selected area of design, the programs of study offer students intensive theory and practice and an integrated curriculum to provide them with the tools they need to help shape the future of human lives.

Architectural Studies Program has a focus on critical and creative thinking, aesthetic awareness, effective use of technology, awareness of sustainability relative to the profession, diversity and social sensitivity, ethical professional practices, career opportunity, and global perspectives.


Major (Core) Required Courses


Introduction to Architecture

Studio: Individual Topics

Representation: Hand and Digital Skills

Ecology, the Environment, and the Ethics of Architecture


Buildings Systems

History: Urban and Landscape Forms


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Management B.S.


There are 2 specialties in B.S. in Management: Entrepreneurship Option and Supply Chain Management Option.

B.S. in Management develops students’ technical, interpersonal, conceptual, and strategic skills and is committed to empowering students to manage local, national, and international programs, companies, and non-profit organizations. Emphasis is placed on enabling students to develop critical thinking, communication and information technology in a diverse global business environment with the ability to make effective decisions.

This program focuses on developing skills required to manage the operations of a business in local, national, and global organizations by applying technical, human, conceptual, and strategic skills. It emphasizes the development of problem-solving, critical thinking, communication and information technology skills essential for effective decisions making in a diverse global business environment. These encompass strategic decisions as well as operational decisions. The management programs empower students to pursue career opportunities in a broad range of fields including, administration, human resource management, international trade and business, information systems, financial management, purchasing, supply chain management and logistics, labor relations, production management, hospitality industry, medical and health services managers, property and construction management, real estate management, business analysis and consulting, entrepreneurial ventures, small business management, health-care management, educational leadership and non-profit/institutional administration, as well as for further study at the graduate level.


Career Prospects

Supply Chain & Information Management Option focusing on international supply chain management, global logistics and transportation, employment direction for enterprise supply chain, transportation industry, etc.;

Entrepreneurship management direction, focusing on venture financing, entrepreneurship management, employment direction for self-employment, SME management, family business to undertake management.


Major (Core) Required Courses 

Entrepreneurship Option


Human Resources Management

Organizational Behavior

International Management

Social Entrepreneurship

New Product Development

Entrepreneurial Finance

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Sustainable Global Business & Technology

Entrepreneurship Practicum

Supply Chain & Information Management Option

Organizational Behavior

Advanced MIS

Introduction to Supply Chain Management

Logistics & Transportation

Commercial Development of the Internet

Internet Marketing

Marketing Channels

Business to Business (B2B) Marketing

Introduction to Total Quality Management

Supply Chain Sourcing & Procurement Management

Warehousing and Material Management

MGS 3000/4000 Level (With permission of academic advisor)

Computer Science B.S.


Computer Science Program is to prepare students to think critically and creatively to succeed in implementation of computer based solutions to adapt to the changing technological and social environments in a global economy.

This program, which emphasizes English as the medium of instruction and the cross-disciplinary study, provides students with both theoretical and practical knowledge and skills, in preparation for their future career.

With an emphasis on research experience and industry internships, we offer small class sizes and an ideal faculty-student ratio for focused education. Students enjoy dedicated faculty, and an immersive learning environment for knowledge building and research. The program at Wenzhou is indispensable from the Kean Union campus. Huge possible opportunities of learning, researching, practicing and working are bridged between here and New Jersey.

For students who want to pursue higher degrees, we have some multidisciplinary research projects, including computational emotions and neuro-marketing, gamification in business and education, privacy and security in social media, artificial intelligence, human computer interaction, sentiment analysis and data mining, etc.

Career Prospects

The Computer Science program prepares technically oriented professionals for leadership and management positions in business, education, and government or graduate studies. With provision of technology and research related opportunities in this program, you will fulfill your goals of entering and advancing in technical and managerial positions at all levels in the computing and information technology fields.


Major (Core) Required Courses


Data Structures

Analysis of Algorithms

Principles of Networking

Computer Architecture

Computer Operating Systems

Object Oriented Analysis & Design

Computer Organization & Programming


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English B.A.

The B.A. in English: English in Global Settings is a highly flexible program of study that allows the student to use the generous number of electives to prepare for a variety of future directions, which could include graduate study (in linguistics, literature, communication, journalism, law, etc.), teaching foreign language, publishing, or any variety of positions in corporations and international organizations requiring advanced communication skills. All English majors complete six courses that form the Foundation Core, but then are able to begin customizing their program. For instance, those interested in teaching might take Theory and Practice of English as a Second Language to satisfy one of the six required “major electives” chosen from a variety of English courses, whereas a student hoping to work in publishing or law may choose to take the Translation course. Students are able to further individualize their program with the six “free electives” that English majors enjoy. For example, a student planning to work in the corporate world could take up to eight courses in business, or a student going into advertising or human resources could add a combination of business and psychology to their English major and graduate with a very unique background, attractive to both employers and graduate schools.

Aside from the formal curriculum, Wenzhou-Kean English majors have a host of student organizations and activities to enjoy and work in, gaining practical experience in debate, student publications, broadcasting, and community service. A partial list includes: Sigma Tau Delta, WKU Toastmasters Club, Debate Society, Literature Translation Society (radio station, Kiwi News。。。)


ENG 2101 Structure and Origins of English Language *** 3
ENG 2021 Writing Process 3
ENG 3101 Intro to Linguistics 3
ENG 3021 Cultural Rhetorics and Writing 3
ENG 3029 Research in Language and Literature 3
ENG 3080 Writing for Cyberspace 3


Choose any six English writing, journalism, or linguistics courses. At least 9 credits must be at the 3000 or 4000 level.


ENG 4817 Senior Seminar 3
Petition required. Students must complete all major English requirements and all but one of their six required English major electives prior to enrollment in Senior Seminar.

Graphic Design B.F.A.


The BFA in Graphic Design is a professional degree that gives students the knowledge, skills, resources and support in concept, strategy, techniques, practices, and methods to insure their successful entry into and continuing success in these exciting fields.

The curriculum is designed to give undergraduates a competitive edge and a sound basis for professional achievement. After taking a foundation of visual arts courses in drawing, typography, art history, the fundamentals of design and technologies, students then pursue an area of specialization by taking courses in identity, branding, advertising design, web design, motion graphics, among other choices.

The program includes extensive studio and computer lab experience, presentations and reviews by professional designers and practical work experience for real clients through in-house internships in print and screen-based design.


Career Prospects


Successful completion of BFA in Graphic Design enables graduates become versatile practitioners working with many sectors of business as well as with institutions, and government. Graduates are competent in the career of advertising design, website design, motion graphic design and package design. Additionally, some graduates are also using their highly transferable skills in other design related disciplines, such as industrial design and environment design.


Our Mission


The program aims to inform the public about the critical contribution that designers make in changing the world and to this end we are also dedicated to reaching out to the wider community through programs of public information and service.

With a broad foundation in liberal arts (GE), a core foundation in the basics of design elements and principles, a thorough grounding in design concepts, artistry, craft, and technologies, followed by a concentration in selected area of design, our design programs offer students intensive theory and practice and an integrated curriculum to provide them with the tools they need to help shape the future of human lives.

The Graphic Design program has a focus on critical and creative thinking, aesthetic awareness, effective use of technology, awareness of sustainability relative to the profession, diversity and social sensitivity, ethical professional practices, career opportunity, and global perspectives.


Academic Support


The Graphic Design program at WKU provides a range of resources and services to help you make the most of your studies. There are extensive lecture, studio, and technology courses led and taught by full-time faculty and visiting instructors who are all practicing professional designers. The faculty and staff are dedicated to providing an exceptional educational experience while fostering the knowledge, skills, creativity and professionalism necessary to prepare graduates for careers as professional designers. Furthermore, a specialization and career direction which is developed with guidance from a faculty adviser, the Language Center, and IT services will help you to succeed in your degree.


Global Practicum Opportunities


The Michael Graves College at Union campus of Kean University USA is the great base of our program that is literally only 45 minutes from one of the world’s leading design centers – New York City. A wealth of educational experiences both in and out of the classroom at Wenzhou and Union campus during your four-year study bridge the experience. Students in the program are encouraged to pursue internships and part-time employment in the field, to participate in events sponsored by professional organizations, and to meet design professionals during seminars, portfolio reviews, and other special events, including the world-class Thinking Creatively Design Conference hosted by the Design Center at Kean. This program also concludes with a course in which students create professional portfolios enabling them to competently and confidently enter the job market.


Major (Core) Required Courses



Interactive, Print, & Screen Option

Studio Skill


Understanding Images

Concept to Print

Visual Storytelling

Motion Graphic Design

Expressive Imaging

Branding Strategies


Mobile Design

Critical Perspectives in Design


Interactive Advertising Option



Web and Interactive Design

Motion Graphic Design

Identity & Information Design

Design of Advertising

Promotional Design



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Marketing B.S.


Marketing focuses on understanding, targeting and satisfying consumer markets on a global scale by offering superior value, innovation, and relationships. Students learn how to benefit from local, national and global market opportunities and trends through the conception and implementation of well-differentiated marketing tactics and strategies. The marketing major emphasizes the knowledge, skills, and concepts necessary for effective performance in the various functional areas of marketing (such as advertising, product development, marketing research, distribution). The field integrates economics, sociology, psychology, and statistics to develop marketing systems and processes. The marketing electives offer an opportunity for students to choose areas of more specialized knowledge according to their interests and career goals.

Considering market conditions, we offer exchanges between faculty and students such as marketing analysis and discussion, market simulation experiments, market management and research experiments. Our school has introduced the mature professional curriculum system of Kean University, USA, and integrates it with the Chinese professional courses to absorb the latest ideas from domestic and foreign counterparts. Students will gain an in-depth understanding of management models, entrepreneurship, consumer markets, media, technology and globalization processes related to contemporary economic trends, and will be able to work in multinational corporations, foreign companies, government agencies or other non-profit organizations.

We actively connect with off-campus entrepreneurs as students’ mentors, and launch an innovation and entrepreneurship competition. For example, in the “Shark Pool” business plan competition held in our school, the “social dog” cafe team and the “Page” campus souvenir team that become champions can register and operate related businesses in the designated area of the campus to serve the teachers and students of the whole school. The Business Skills Committee, which is composed of professional business teachers, also uses their own network resources to find the possibility of practical practice for students.


Career Prospects


B.S. in Marketing provides students with a wide range of employment opportunities in a wide range of business areas, such as brand management, advertising, public relations, marketing communications, media, market research, retail and logistics, international trade and marketing, sales management, customer relations, e-commerce, social media, sports and entertainment, leisure, hospitality and tourism, project planning, consulting, corporate investment and non-profit organizations.

This program is designed to develop students’ ability to apply professional skills, problem solving skills, business awareness and communication skills. The graduates are qualified for a variety of roles in marketing, such as advertising, brand management, marketing and public relations, business intelligence, online marketing, sales and project planning, and product management. Graduates are also qualified for senior positions in other business sectors, such as business consultants, operations managers, and management trainee, purchaser, etc.

Graduates can also continue their studies in corporate management major.


Knowledge and Skills Students will Grasp during the Study


Courses are designed focusing on concepts and strategies essential for all types of operations, providing an extensive overview of the concepts, principles and activities that comprise contemporary marketing management, helping students recognize and define information needs, design and implement research projects, and learn to interpret and evaluate results presented.


Major (Core) Required Courses


Consumer Behavior

Marketing Research

International Marketing

Seminar in Marketing Strategy


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